Dreaded moments made easier on Miami Cancer Institute visit

Dreaded moments made easier on Miami Cancer Institute visit
Dreaded moments made easier on Miami Cancer Institute visit
Several fountains enhance atmosphere of new Miami Cancer Institute.

Due to a recent medical scare in my family we had to go to the new Miami Cancer Institute for a series of tests and examinations.

It was my wife who needed this attention and after the two of us spending a great deal of time in various doctor’s offices and hospitals we absolutely dreaded going to this new facility for some oncology tests.

This visit turned out to be one of the most pleasant medical experiences either one of us has encountered. First, we were greeted by an absolutely magnificent building with several fountains out front and everything you would want to see in a new hospital facility. Next we were met by their excellent valet parking service (no fee).

We immediately felt welcome at this place. Too bad others can’t mimic them. Let me go on. Once inside the facility we encountered various members of the staff, were placed in an examination room where our doctor came in after just a few short minutes. She looked to be a high school senior but I immediately learned that she had more degrees than a thermometer. As well as all this, she was able to explain exactly what the process would be and made us feel extremely comfortable in this difficult situation.

From there we were taken to several other locations within the hospital and I do not recall having to wait at any of them and each one was comfortable, well-staffed, immaculate, and everything that you should expect a hospital to be, but in most cases are not.

In one of the waiting rooms, I overheard some of the staff discussing how they could better serve their patients. I couldn’t resist the temptation to offer my two cents worth and tell them just how wonderful they had all behaved for our visit. They loved it!

As usual I got hungry while moving about this new facility and was directed to the cafeteria which frankly could become my new choice of restaurant. The food was excellent, quantities great, service beyond compare, and all this for two bucks! I am not suggesting that you go there each day for breakfast and lunch but if you happen to be visiting or being admitted, this is a great place to be. We did have to return for more discussion, etc., and were lucky enough to meet with our same doctor, Theresa Pazionis. Again she amazed us with her patience, knowledge and enthusiasm. Wow!

Dealing with the big “C” is extremely tough and having someone who can advise you in a calm and friendly manor is worth a fortune

I hope and pray that you won’t be visiting any oncology hospital in the future but if you should ever need to, be thankful that we have such great facilities as Baptist Hospital’s Miami Cancer Institute and its excellent staff, nearby.

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