Festool Roadshow Comes To O-gee Paint


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Homeowners and contractors know O-Gee Paint is serious about paint. They know they’ll get the right products and advice for all their painting projects from start to finish. O-Gee’s commitment to the customer keeps them looking to find the best products.  And that is why, when O-Gee was looking to add sanding tools, they chose Festool.

Preparation before painting is essential to having a successful project. A big part of preparation requires smoothing the surface by sanding it to make it ready to accept the new coatings. Sanding removes loose material, eliminates bumps and brush marks, and makes the job look better overall.  Sanding with traditional machines or by hand is messy and slow and most people don’t want to do it. Sometimes to prevent dust getting everywhere, a temporary barrier wall must be constructed. German standards of cleanliness are more restrictive than the United States and the cleanliness of contractor worksites are tightly enforced. With the Festool system, sanding, sawing and other jobs are clean and quick and accurate.

Festool has been making tools for professionals in Germany for since 1926. They are regarded as the best in class for portable woodworking power tools such as saws, planers, drills, and routers. All the tools have powerful motors, balanced for smoother running and have accuracy unavailable from other manufacturers. For painters and finishers, the Festool line of sanders is second to none. They have 15 models to choose from and all connect to High Efficiency Particle Arrestor (HEPA) dust extractors to make sanding 99% dust free.  Festool also has the greatest variety of sandpaper providing grits from 24 all the way to 2000 and polishing compounds to take the shine even higher. For tradesmen who have to travel to their jobsite, Festool’s mobility solution for portability is another key component to the success of their users.

Throughout this year, Festool has been touring the country in a beautiful 48’ big-rig with fold down sides to showcase tool demonstrations at their best dealer locations. Expert trainers will show off these amazing tools and what they can do for all sorts of tradesmen including carpenters, furniture and cabinet makers, and of course, painters and dry-wall installers.

On Tuesday December 13th between 10 and 2 in the afternoon, the Festool truck will be stopping at O-Gee Paint at 6995 Bird Road.  There will be food, fun and giveaways for those who participate. This is an open event where everybody who uses power tools is welcome to come and enjoy the show.

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