Money isn’t everything, but it sure can buy stuff


There must be something wrong with me. I am sure that a lot of people will agree with that statement but not how I intended it.

What I think is wrong is that when I look at the real estate pages of the Miami Herald and see the dozens and dozens of multi-million-dollar homes being bought and sold on a daily basis, when I watch the commercials for Mercedes Benz as though everyone must be driving one, I wonder where I have missed out.

As many of you know I hold the esteemed office of vice mayor in a town approaching 50,000 population. I also write a column for a major newspaper in our town that appears twice a month. In addition to that I arrange for it to be distributed to many people who do not receive the newspaper at home. Believe me, this takes a great deal of time. I also have authored a book that will someday become a best seller, at least on my street.

With all of these things going on you would think that I would be standing in line to purchase one of those magnificent homes on the water with the room for the 100-foot yacht that I will be purchasing shortly. The problem is that I received bupkis for my time as vice mayor, nothing for my newspaper contributions and so far my book has cost me well in excess of what it has earned.

Now, I don’t want to be two-faced about this, but when I speak at the schools I tried to impress on the students that real success is based on your character and how people view you and what they think about you. I am fine in all those areas. My character is without question. In my last election I received more votes than perhaps anyone in any small community near us.

Sure there are those that disagree with my views and try to find fault with my thinking. They certainly are entitled to do that, but not necessarily in the insulting manner that some seem to pursue.

I should truly be happy having three grandchildren living close by that use me as a giant play toy, criticize everything I do and say, but still seem to love me. Both of my two children seem to be successful in their endeavors and also live close enough for us to have great family get-togethers.

My house is really all that I need — a place to sleep, a place to eat, a place to read, a pool, a yard full of birds and squirrels, and who knows what else

Sure that Mercedes-Benz would be nice, but frankly as long as the air-conditioning and horn work on my two rather old vehicles, I am happy. Being without a horn in Dade County is tantamount to being unable to speak. How else could one express themselves on Dade County roads?

I also receive those big thick expensive magazines describing all of the wonderful things that I could buy for my home with fireplaces, cooking grills, 190-inch TV sets, etc. But somehow I have managed to live without these all these years and can probably continue to do so.

Of course any contributions that you wish to make may be sent in cash c/o this newspaper.

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