You must remember this, as time goes by

You must remember this, as time goes by
You must remember this, as time goes by
A great movie!

You may recall that I recently wrote an article prompted by the song Memories from the Broadway show Cats.

I received one of the best responses I’ve ever had from one of my articles. Apparently it hit home with many. Not to be greedy, but the same thing happened to me again recently when I heard the song As Time Goes By by Dooley Wilson. Of course, the song is from the greatest movie of all time — Casablanca.

It was prompted by a discussion I recently had with a 50-year-old who wondered where the time was flying by. I cautioned him that when he reached my age those years go by faster and faster so that you can barely keep up with them.

This day and age we’re living in

Gives cause for apprehension

With speed and new invention

And things like fourth dimension.

Yet we get a trifle weary

With Mr. Einstein’s theory.

So we must get down to earth at times

Relax relieve the tension

And no matter what the progress

Or what may yet be proved

The simple facts of life are such

They cannot be removed.

You must remember this

A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.

The fundamental things apply

As time goes by.

I continue to caution people like myself who are reaching into those senior citizen days when time does go by and you suddenly realize that your very own children are much older than you were when you had them, and now the grandchildren are deciding on college and careers.

Honestly, it seems like just yesterday that I was taking my son to the Khoury League park and my daughter to the movies, etc. Suddenly I find myself doing the same thing with my grandchildren.

Yes I know, it happens to everyone, but when it happens to me I stop and ask myself where did the years go? I spoke recently of my baby daughter announcing that she had just joined AARP. Heck, it seems like I just joined AARP and soon my baby son will be joining also.

I am known as a complainer and whenever I go to my gym and complain about how difficult it is I am usually reminded by at least several of my gym buddies that I woke up on the right side of the grass this morning so don’t complain!. I recently joined the CRAFT (Can’t Remember An F—— Thing) Club.

Don’t worry, it will happen to you soon or may have already. Just know that is it is strictly a matter of time. You’ll soon be using phrases like “remember what’s his name” or remember that great restaurant on the corner of whatever that street was and another street? I know it sounds silly but wait until you start doing it yourself, if you haven’t already.

Those aren’t the only indications of time going by. Here’s another. Go visit someone with a low sofa and try to get up when it’s time to leave. You will know what I mean. My grandkids cannot wait to have dinner with me and watch me spill food all over my clean shirt. Why this is so entertaining I do not know, but as long as it keeps the kids happy I am fine with it.

Of course the kids are sick of my repeating the same stories over and over again but I honestly do not have too many new ones for them. They are very kind and proceed to raise their hands as a sign that I am repeating something. Oh, well!

I used to be able to handle all my family finances using a miracle program called Quicken. As each new change comes along I am simply unable to adapt and end up making constant errors which my assistant bookkeeper is able to correct most times after reminding me how inept I am.

Really, I used to think of myself as a computer whiz. I was one of the first people with my own website, used email when Prodigy was the only way to do it and when I would look forward to opening my emails each day because there was actually something I might want to read. Those days are gone forever.

It’s still the same old story

A fight for love and glory

A case of do or die.

The world will always welcome lovers

As time goes by.

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