Shootings, bombs — how do we create peace on earth?

Miami's Community Newspapers

Perhaps you recall reading some of my previous articles regarding gun control, the Second Amendment, etc., etc.

I keep hoping that there will be no further need for me to dwell on these subjects but lo and behold looking at the recent newspapers and the shootings in the Pittsburgh synagogue as well as the South Florida pipe bomber. What is going on?

I would assume that the synagogue shooting was religion related but with no specific reason at hand. What worries me about these activities, as well as the sheer heartlessness of it all, is that there will be loud calls for attendees and religious leaders to see that they, too, are well armed when they come to pray. The purpose of the white supremacists to strike fear in the hearts of these people ends up doing just the opposite, so that now the victims will become the assassins themselves and be sure to kill any suspected shooters or bombers. Great!

No doubt there will soon be a “Rabbis with Guns” group that will be supplying automatic weapons to those who wish to pray at their local church or synagogue. That will certainly make for peaceful relations between all those out there that see this as a means to an end. Folks, I truly wish I had something that I could say to these folks either through my columns or my open talks so that I can perhaps peek inside their thick skulls and see what is going on there.

If I try to view this fantastic planet of ours and religious views, I would be thankful for whomever provided us with all this, and would want to do everything I could to show my thanks for it and to teach other people appreciate the wonderful gifts that we have on this planet.

If you are not sure that we live in a very unique place, do a little reading about our planetary system and learn to appreciate just how fantastic these gifts from above are and how they should be treasured. Believe it or not, every now and then I feel a slight cringe of guilt when I step on one of the many aunts on my patio realizing that they too were created with some type of purpose in life other than to be stomped on by us. After all, they too were creations of the man (or woman) upstairs who created them, but who am I to judge?

I do know that there is more than enough water, air, food, etc., etc. to provide for the billions of people inhabiting this planet and there should be no need for killing one another to see that all of this wealth distributed equally.

Yes, I must admit a bit of jealousy when I see the real estate pages with the dozens and dozens of homes being sold in the multi-million-dollar range, and frankly, I just can’t afford one. Somehow, however, I think I will get by with your help.

Please. Put those bottle bombs and automatic weapons away and figure out how we can all share and enjoy the wonderful gifts from above.

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  1. The pharmaceutical industry along with other chemical industries is primarily responsible for destroying people’s mental and physical health. People with mental health problems are prescribed anti-depressant drugs that cause people to become violent. Of course some illegal drugs can also cause people to become violent but a far greater percentage of the population is prescribed legal drugs by medical doctors and psychiatrists. People can also unknowingly consume drugs by eating food or drinking contaminated water that contains drugs in it. As far as the sharing of resources its not possible in a capitalistic society dominated by transnational corporations to have an equitable distribution of resources because the system requires that corporations maximize profits for the benefit of their shareholders so the capitalistic system is designed to consolidate wealth including land and real estate in the hands of a privileged class with economies controlled and manipulated by central banks who control and manipulate the value of every currency and who profit by creating money as debt.


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