Spine-chilling terror awaits at Jungle Island in October


For the most pulse-pounding haunted attraction and trail experience ever experienced, head to Jungle Island and endure the park’s first-ever “Terror in the Jungle.”

This Halloween, two scary attractions starred by mutated animals and zombielike Aztec Indians will take over South Florida’s favorite haunt to provide visitors with 20 nights of hair-raising scares beginning Thursday, Oct. 2, and concluding Saturday, Nov. 1, on the Day of the Dead.

From the creator of Festival of Souls (Demon Mansion), voted Florida’s Scariest Haunted House by www.Hauntworld.com, Terror in the Jungle will feature a chilling 40- by 22-foot Toxic Zombie Jungle Entrance leading guests through five acres of terrorizing jungle paths and a 10,000-square-foot ancient Ruins Pyramid Haunted House.

Carefully navigate a dark jungle filled with zombies, demons and military HAZMAT containment units all while being chased by wild mutated animals. Many more surprises wait inside the Ruins Pyramid including booby traps and scary creatures, which will give even the fearless the fright of their life. Those who wet their pants or don’t make it through Terror in the Jungle will be added to a Wall of Lost Souls.

“We’re excited that Brandon Kittendorf of Florida Event Productions chose Jungle Island to serve as the venue for his award winning Halloween attractions over the next three years,” said John Dunlap, president and CEO of Iconic Attractions Group, which manages Jungle Island.

“This attraction will heighten guests’ senses and be a true test of courage for those who dare to conquer it. We’re certain our visitors will experience a heart-pounding fear like never before at Terror in the Jungle,” he said.

Kittendorf has brewed an incredibly chilling story line for Terror in the Jungle, which goes as follows: A plane carrying toxic bio-chemicals from a research lab in Mexico flew off course and crashed into the ruins of the Aztec city surrounded by a lush tropical jungle. The bio-chemicals mutated the jungle animals and local Indians into half dead creatures who feed on all the living creatures in the jungle. The Aztec Indians prayed to their gods for forgiveness and instead, the Gods unleashed their demon called the HUNTER, which devoured everything living in its path.

The Mexican government has been looking for the plane for over two years. Reports of the giant mutated animals and zombie-like Aztec Indians running wild in the jungle has forced the Mexican government to investigate. One of the chemicals carried by the plane was an experimental virus banned by the research lab because of the uncontrollable side effects. A Hazardous Material Containment unit has been dispatched to the region to clean up the mess, but they have no idea what they are about to encounter. Little do they know, they are entering into what the locals call, “Terror in the Jungle.”

“Every time you let your guard down, there will be something else to scare the living daylights out of you,” Kittendorf said. “We’re creating a gory Halloween attraction using nature’s natural darkness, fog, costumes and special effects, screams, animals and visual stimulation to play on people’s phobias and fears. The thought of walking around in a jungle in pitch-black darkness is already eerie, which is what makes Jungle Island the perfect setting for this event.”

Guests are encouraged to come in costume. Tickets to Terror in the Jungle cost $45 per person on non-peak days and $55 per person on peak days. Fast passes start at $20 per person. Tax is additional. Jungle Island also will offer childcare on a first-come, first-served basis for $5 per child, per night.

Terror in the Jungle will take place every Thursday-Sunday from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, with one Wednesday over the following dates: Non-peak dates are Oct. 2-5, 9-12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 29 and Nov. 1. Peak dates are Oct. 17, 18, 24, 25, 30 and 31.

Group rates, frequent fear pass, corporate party, event and sponsorship packages are available. For additional information, visit www.terrorinthejungle.com.

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