Spring gave us a week’s break on traffic congestion

Spring gave us a week's break on traffic congestion

Spring gave us a week's break on traffic congestionWhere has all the traffic gone?“ Long time passing.

Where has all the traffic gone? Long time ago.

When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

I began asking myself this question while driving in Miami-Dade County this past week. Where indeed had all the traffic gone on Old Cutler Road, S, Dixie Highway, and all the other traffic jammed roads that I attempt to use on a regular basis. There simply was no traffic anywhere.

My traffic coordinator at home advised me that it was “Spring Break” school vacation week and therefore the tens of thousands of parents driving their kids to and from school and other activities no longer were crowding our roads. I immediately flashed back to my days in school when I actually — get this, kids — walked to and from school and — believe it or not — walked home for lunch every day. Neither snow nor rain nor nor gloom of night kept us from our appointed rounds, and lunch. How did we do it?

Of course, in the present day, kids must have a place to sit and use all their electronic apparatus and therein lays the root of our traffic problems. I know that there are many many sessions in which politicians and nay-sayers attempt to blame shopping malls, housing developments, and anything else that might bring revenue and an improved state of living for all of our residents and prefer arousing the populace to oppose any future growth. An easier solution might be home schooling of all of our existing students.

Watching how people act while waiting in line at a store or restaurant or behind the wheel of their automobile should be a great example for our future youth. Another solution might be more neighborhood schools which kids could walk to with little fear of being abducted or otherwise harmed.

I have three gorgeous grandchildren who I hardly ever get to see because they are always on their way to or from school or any of the many after school activities in which they all participate. Don’t ask how they get to all of these activities, simply look at the cars around you the next time you are hopelessly jammed in traffic at virtually any time of day.

There are other possible solutions, namely having responsible people in charge make use of all of the electronic devices available to determine how long the red lights should stay red at various intersections, or perhaps creating more traffic circles, but first teaching folks how to use them. It seems simple to me that the first one entering the circle has the right-of-way and the next person simply gives out a courteous wave. When is the last time you saw any one of those?

School buses are nice and yellow but I truly feel bad for the kids that I see waiting on street corners in the rain or 100-degree heat for that bus to finally come along. Neither snow nor rain… Oh, I already said that!

There you are folks. I suggest canceling all of the scheduled meetings to discuss traffic and actually begin thinking about some real solutions that may begin right in your own home.

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