Superhero Leadership Academy’s summer interns learn more

Superhero Leadership Academy’s summer interns learn more
Superhero Leadership Academy’s summer interns learn more
Pictured (l-r) are Imani Freeman, Shanaya Edwards, Thalia Perez and Kendreck Fanfan. (Photo by Jean Tong-Noon.)

Summer interns with the Superhero Leadership Academy (SLA) are learning about business by attending sessions with the Economic Development Council South Dade “More to Explore,” the Cutler Bay Business Association and meeting with business leaders. They are currently on a five week internship program through the month of July hosted by the school district and Children’s Trust, whose website is

“Businesses or nonprofits register as well as students who apply to the businesses and go through an interview process to be hired,” said Jean Tong-Noon, SLA Board of Directors. “Our SLA interns are different in that they are mirroring me through my business meetings, learning not the norm of office work, such as filing, etc.”

Tong-Noon said that high on their schedules was learning about the running of parks and government, thanks to Cutler Bay’s Mayor Peggy Bell and Palmetto Bay’s Gene Flinn. Interns work as a team while mentoring each other.

The students seem impressed with how much they’re learning and are appreciative of the opportunity.

“As a summer intern for SLA I have been exposed to things like debate, hierarchy of government, different types of foreign policies and the culture within different groups,” said Emani Freeman. “With all honesty I’ve learned more in these few weeks than I would in 10 months of school.”

Another student enrolled in the program, Thalia Perez, agrees with that assessment.

“Being an intern for the SLA organization has demonstrated how I can be involved in politics and community matters, while at the same time maintaining equality, unionship, and opportunities,” said Perez.

For information about SLA or Thread of Life Int’l, Inc. “Giving our Youth a Helping Hand,” contact Jean Tong-Noon at 305-742-3333 or

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