Suzy Lord for Seat 2 in the Town of Cutler Bay

Suzy Lord

Suzy Lord should get your vote for Seat 2 in Cutler Bay

The Cutler Bay News really likes Suzy Lord for Seat 2 in Cutler Bay because she has dedicated herself to the community for more than four decades.

Her platform for the election covers four major issues, which are line with my priorities, too.

Suzy will work to limit unwanted development in our town, in an effort to limit the traffic.  Suzy will also help the town’s focus on providing public transportation via a rideshare program to rapid transit.

Suzy would work to ensure that the town’s Green Master Plan continues to thrive and continue the protection Cutler Bay’s unique environment and endangered wetlands.

Suzy will encourage the measures used to maintain our peace and safety by supporting our police department, who protect our community.

And, finally, Suzy has a strong admiration for the youth of our community who she says are often overlooked or not taken seriously. Suzy believes town events, like golf cart parades and cook-offs, should have youth leaders spearheading them. She will support and encourage our young people to take on a more active leadership role, which is good for all of our futures.

So, the Cutler Bay News encourages you to give Suzy Lord your vote for Seat 2 in Cutler Bay this election.

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  1. I’ve known Suzy my entire life. She will do a phenomenal job representing the real “Ridge Rats” I also feel that she will include ALL the youth, meaning ALL the local highschools; not just the ones that get all the attention but the ones that represent our diverse community!!!! I’m counting on that! Vote for Suzy Lord! The old school Ridge leader!!!!


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