The Deering Estate Foundation and The Deering Estate Receive $600,000 Appropriation from the State of Florida Legislature

On Wednesday, August 23, the Deering Estate Foundation hosted Senator Alexis Calatayud, Representative Alina Garcia, and other invited guests for a presentation of a State of Florida legislative appropriation of $600,000 to continue renovations of a 10,700-square-foot field study research center contiguous to the Deering Estate. 

When completed, the facility will provide temporary living quarters for up to 14 researchers as well as serving as a field station and staff office for the Deering Estate and Deering Estate Foundation.

For years, researchers have studied the unique ecological, geological, and archaeological features on the 450-acre Deering Estate property, which is a historic park and natural preserve owned by the state and operated by Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces. These funds continue the process of increasing the research capacity.

State Senator Alexis Calatayud and State Representative Alina Garcia championed a funding request which was approved in 2023 which will expand the reputation of the Deering Estate as a significant research site and field station.

“The Deering Estate Foundation and The Deering Estate remain committed to nurturing a sustainable relationship with the environment, engaging our public and partners.  This legislative support for enhancements to the Cultural and Ecological Field Station will go a long way toward providing critical infrastructure for academic research, community trainings, and critical dialogues that lead to creative solutions for people and planet.” –Jennifer Tisthammer, Director, Deering Estate, and Nina Zanella, Executive Director, Deering Estate Foundation

Special guests for the ceremonial check presentation and private tour included: Senator Alexis Calatayud, Representative Alina Garcia, Representative Felicia Robinson, Nina Zanella, Deering Estate Foundation Executive Director, Jennifer Tisthammer, Deering Estate Director, Carole Wright, President of the Deering Estate Foundation Board of Directors, Elizabth Battaglia, President of the 100 Ladis of Deering, Deering Estate Foundation Board Members Margarita Tonkinson, Nancy Eggland, Becky Matkov, Suzanne Calleja, David McDonald, Peter England, Eric Haas, Howard Tendrich, Michael Anderson, Melissa Diaz, Head Curator and Museum Manager, Chris Bumpus, Conservation and Learning Programs Manager, and many other distinguished guests from Miami Dade County.  

About the Deering Estate Foundation
For those who treasure the Deering Estate, who advocate for its preservation and wish to invest in its future, the Deering Estate Foundation provides opportunities for individuals and corporations alike to partake in membership, signature events, and one-of-a-kind experiences, all in service of providing vital funding and support to the Deering Estate. Through these efforts, the foundation fulfills its mission to uphold the legacy of Charles Deering’s cherished 1920s-era property, to provide funding for the cultural, educational and recreational experiences it offers, as well as its significant scientific and archaeological endeavors to conserve its diverse flora, fauna and the eight native ecosystems that thrive on its 450 acres, and to ensure its longevity as a prized American heritage site. Established in 1989, The Deering Estate Foundation, Inc. is a community-based charitable 501(c)3 Florida Corporation and the philanthropic partner of the Deering Estate.

About the Deering Estate 
Deering Estate, located at 16701 SW 72 Ave. in Miami, is a 21st Century house museum, cultural and ecological field station, and a national landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places, owned by the State of Florida and managed by Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department. Deering Estate is designated as one of seven Miami Dade County “Heritage Parks” which have a vital role in our community’s history, environment and in providing recreational and cultural experiences. 

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