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Since their invention, watches have made elegant and enduring gifts. Take this year’s holiday gift giving up a notch with COGITO CLASSIC—the smartwatch that combines the sophistication of a cogito watchclassic timepiece with the cutting edge of today’s technology.

COGITO CLASSIC appeals to both the techie and grown-up in each of us. Combining classic analog movement with all the essentials of a smartphone, it’s the ultimate gift for that special someone who values function, but doesn’t want to trade fashion to get it. A pioneer of the smartwatch movement, COGITO CLASSIC is revolutionary in the way it operates. Rather than becoming one more gadget that distracts from everyday moments, this wonder watch helps streamline what is important and what can wait.

Simply link COGITO CLASSIC to any smartphone or tablet using the app, and use its customized settings to choose priorities and which notifications will appear. COGITO CLASSIC frees you from continually checking your phone. On the beautiful watch face, a digital display shows who is calling and gives the option whether to answer or mute the call.

“We wanted to eliminate the clutter and all the digital distractions in our daily lives,” says Henri-Nicolas Olivier, Chief Executive Officer of CONNECTEDEVICE, makers of COGITO CLASSIC. “What better way to do that than by simply looking down at your wrist?”

unnamed (1)Making life even easier is the fact that the COGITO CLASSIC is one of the only smartwatches on the market that never needs to be charged! Using a standard watch battery that is easily replaced when needed, hunting for an outlet or charging cable becomes completely unnecessary. In a world where everyone already has to remember to charge their computers, tablets and smartphones every night — they shouldn’t have to charge their watch, too!

The COGITO CLASSIC is also water-resistant up to 10 ATM, meaning those with active lifestyles can still monitor essential communications in situations where they might not be able to bring a phone. No more worrying about carrying a phone in the rain or on the beach. COGITO keeps adventurers, travelers and relaxers safely connected.

The best feature of COGITO CLASSIC smartwatch? It’s programmable to give only the notifications you need. If you want to receive notifications about text messages from only certain people such as your child or boss, this function is available! Want to use your COGITO to take a photo? No problem! Just set up your phone and use the watch to snap the shot! The ultimate selfie!

The watch is not only revolutionizing the way we live our lives, but it’s fashion-forward as well. Featuring design by award winning French Designer Xavier Houy, this precision-crafted timepiece adds a level of sophistication to the smartwatch market. Featuring classic analog movement combined with intuitive digital notifications, this is the only smartwatch with a design that looks forward to the future while paying tribute to the past.

The COGITO CLASSIC can be paired with Apple and Android smartphones, making it one of the only smartwatches to cross the boundaries of different operating systems. If you change from one phone brand to another, you don’t have to ditch your smartwatch in the process. Retailing for $179, the COGITO Classic is an affordable option, making it the ultimate gift for that special someone who values function but who doesn’t want to trade their fashion sense to get it!

Currently available at select retail shops across the US and online at, the COGITO CLASSIC is taking the smartwatch market by storm!cogito2


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CONNECTEDEVICE is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of digital lifestyle products and solutions — technology that is both intelligent and intuitive, functional and fashion-forward. Creating one of the world’s first smartwatches with the COOKOO and COGITO brands, their watches are now available in retail locations throughout the world.

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