Visit a local gun show and you will be enlightened


Well it seems that everyone has now written about the Las Vegas massacre. This being one of my favorite subjects, I felt compelled to at least make a statement.

Of course we will soon see the response from the National Rifle Association (NRA) suggesting that if all of the event goers in Las Vegas had their own long-range weapons that the number of casualties could have been reduced. How often have we heard this argument with the tagline that this is what the Second Amendment was for? I only wish that our forefathers who added the Second Amendment to the Constitution could see the effects of it now as it is misinterpreted by so many people.

I urge my readers — if they have not already done so — to go to the next local gun show. You will find it quite enlightening. You will see many books and gadgets teaching you how to convert semiautomatic weapons to fully automatic. You probably can buy one of these bump stock adapters that the Las Vegas killer used to make a rapid-fire machine gun out of a semi-automatic rifle that in itself was designed to kill enemy soldiers in combat and not for deer or bear hunting.

In watching the TV coverage of the massacre you can easily hear the rapid discharge of these converted weapons. You don’t need to be a marksman or skilled in any kind of shooting to take the lives of a good many people by simply spraying the area at 500 rounds per minute per minute. I guess that if our government was being taken over by some crazy people who now had control of our Army, we might all need a militia well-armed with automatic weapons.

We all know that NRA spends perhaps millions of dollars supporting various candidates for public office who will protect the very lucrative market for firearms. What politician would want to turn down all these gifts that would help them get reelected or elected?

Now, I have an idea! What if these candidates reached out to the public and promised an end to Las Vegas, Orlando, etc., etc., through their legislation. Would that not guarantee them many more votes than the money supplied by the NRA? Somehow I still have faith in the American public to do the right thing although the last presidential election left me with some doubts.

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