Pathwaves: Are you a slave to Neurogenesis?

Pathwaves: Are you a slave to Neurogenesis?If you do not understand what Neurogenesis is and how to control it, then you are a slave to the process it creates, the sensory-motor neuron synapse.

Neurogenesis is the name given for how we all create new neurons everyday in our lives. The level of our psyche which is controlling this process is our “animal instincts” level; which unfortunately is the least intelligent level of our psyche and is the level of the fight-flight-panic-freeze responses.

If we do not intervene, then genetics, our environment, Hollywood, bullies, parents, brothers, sisters, abusers, friends, and many other “outsiders” are attempting to train this area of our psyche to function the way they see fit. This can be very problematic to say the least.

This is how the Amygdala Hijack (as described by Daniel Goleman in 1996) occurs. Our fight-flight-freeze-panic responses are generated from these acorn shaped areas of our brains. The hijack occurs when a person’s entrained responses are so strong that they lose all intellectual control of their fight-flight-freeze-panic response for a brief moment and act out emotionally (sometimes not so brief).

In the early 1900s, Pavlov was the first to prove that we can entrain this area of our psyche with sound. From this humble beginning and many years of research, Neural Empowerment was created in 2015. Neural Empowerment promises freedom from the enslavement of externally controlled neurogenesis and the resultant effects of externally programmed fight-flight-freeze-panic responses. This process utilizes advanced biofeedback synergized with functional medicine and psychology in order to allow you to self-entrain and self-regulate how you create your neurons and the resultant responses.

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Pathwaves was co-founded by Geoffrey A. Cole, clinical director and creator of Neural Empowerment, a revolutionary methodology that uses the powerful science of neuroplasticity, along with timeless healing modalities to help you attain an ideal state of balance. Cole boasts more than three decades of experience in the health and behavioral sciences. As one of the world’s foremost experts in brain mapping and integrated biofeedback, he has helped over 2,000 clients and facilitated more than 30,000 sessions.

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