Advice to Supreme Being about evolution in future

Advice to Supreme Being about evolution in future

Who thought the Dick Tracy Wrist Radio would ever become a reality.

I have some advice for the Supreme Being or whoever is in charge of evolution. We have adapted as a species over thousands of years to enable us to use our hands, feet, and other body parts to survive these many, possibly millions, of years. Here are a few of my ideas for future evolutionary improvements to our bodies.

Each morning my IT mate and I struggle for the various electrical outlets to enable us to plug-in her two reading devices, my iPad, as well as our two cell phones. We are planning a long trip where we are not sure that there will be power available for all these devices.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Creator in future years combined the various chemicals in the body of which there are many, to provide battery power to these devices through our fingertips.

Problem solved.

Future generations might have some form of screen built-in to the back of their hands so that they can watch movies or play games while waiting for their devices to recharge. I know that my grandchildren would love this idea, because there are actually minutes during the day when they are disconnected from everything electronic. No child should be forced to endure this.

We might completely eliminate expensive sports stadiums and all the injuries that result from attempting various sports. I refer to shin splints, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, worn out knees, back injuries, and all the other things involved with participating in sports.

All of this could be replaced by a simple screen built into your hand or chest for larger viewing and controlled electronically by your brain. Just think of how the money spent on various stadiums around the world could be used to improve our brains.

You may think that I am crazy with these ideas but were you to ask our ape ancestors whether they thought we would be driving automobiles and actually flying through space, and they would have told you that you were crazy. I realize that I am way ahead of my time with these ideas but we must start somewhere. Why not here and now?

Example: some of the chemical elements in our body are zinc, mercury, water, etc. Could not these be directed in some way to power various devices? Don’t say “no” until it has been tried. My neurologist has measured all kinds of electrical stimulation in my hands. Why waste that valuable resource?

No doubt in a few years, all Dade County drivers will have huge middle fingers so that they can greet fellow drivers with a minimum of difficulty; evolution at work. Perhaps we might have built in loud horns in our throat so there would be no need to press a button on your steering wheel. What steering wheel? We will have driverless cars just as they have had on Miami Beach for years. I have driven behind many of them.

Our children will never need to leave the house. All their “friends” will be on Facebook or some other social media. No need to feed lunch to the neighbors’ kids. Let them stay home and eat. might take care of all that.

I often tell the kids that I speak to in school that someday they may not have to actually study stuff because it will be available directly plugged into their brain or sent by telekinesis.

I am currently reading a book by Michio Kaku, a professor of Theoretical Physics at City University in New York, titled The Future of the Mind. Read it. It will blow your mind; believe me.

He postulates how we may someday sit in a movie theater and actually feel the emotions portrayed on the screen or how we will be able to create memories in your mind that don’t actually exist, for example, a vacation that you never actually took. Imagine how much money that would save. He also discusses the theory that has been around for a while that we may become part of a global mind that is interlinked by the Internet thereby creating an entirely new entity.

I know, but who ever thought the Dick Tracy Wrist Radio would ever become a reality.
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