Black Point Ocean Grill is paradise close to home

Black Point Ocean Grill is paradise close to home

At Black Point Ocean Grill choose a table and select from a fantastic menu of foods.

I have lived in Cutler Bay for close to 50 years and truly love it here. One of the things I love most are my frequent trips to a place called Black Point at the very end of SW 87th Avenue.

I truly view this place as a paradise within reach of just about anyone who wants to go there (except for now, those like myself, who would love to go there on their golf carts). The other benefit to riding down to Black Point is the incredible restaurant, Black Point Ocean Grill, that awaits you at the very end.

If this was something on the coast of Italy, Spain, or any of the other great vacation places in the world, people would be coming from all over just to see it. Fortunately we can go there just about anytime we want to, choose a table and select from a fantastic menu of foods. (My favorite: the fish dip and chips) but many others, like the Grouper Rubin I have devoured as well.

If you like an occasional drink, there is a beautiful bar attended by a great staff, especially a young lady named Barbie who always will greet you with her tremendous smile and great drinks to boot. Bob Gregory and his wife, Dawn, the owners for the past 10 years, went out of their way to bring some of the best chefs in the field to this exciting restaurant, including Marcus Miller, Jason Rice and Joe Lesek.

Believe it or not, this restaurant has been in operation for over 15 years and is about to celebrate the special anniversary of 10 years under Robert’s ownership, with a special event at the restaurant. Mark your calendars now for Thursday, Nov. 5, 6-11 p.m. Mr. Nice Guy will be providing the music that night making it a nostalgic outing as well — Thursday, specials, raffles, giveaways, and as always a lot of nice people. You can actually sit there and watch the manatees make their way up and down the canal, see virtually every type of seabird ever known. You can go there by car, boat, bicycle, or on foot. Watch the fishermen fillet their fish right on a table made especially for that purpose and, if they so desire, bring their fish into the restaurant and have them prepare it to their specifications. Wow!

Of course Black Point Grill is the place where the famous musical group The Mosquito Heads got its start as well. You simply can’t afford to miss this event and if you have never been to Black Point you are missing truly one of the best features that this part of Florida has to offer. I call it my “private paradise.” You may have other names for it, but no doubt you will want to return many times.

Bob and Dawn have owned and operated many restaurants in this area and in West Palm Beach. They just opened a restaurant called Old Florida in Jupiter with a similar menu. Fortunately we do not have to drive to Jupiter but can make the five or 10-minute treck down to Black Point and take advantage of everything they have to offer including a pretty fancy dessert menu. My only complaint is that the county has yet to allow the several hundred golf cart owners in our town to go there to visit. This will change. The ride down is absolutely beautiful. The next time I go there I plan to order the Devils On Horseback. I am not sure exactly what it is but it certainly looked great on the table next to mine.

Side story: Everyone knows how much I love my grandchildren and their opinions of things. On one of our recent trips to Black Point my granddaughter Natalie, 6 years old at the time, said “this is just like being on vacation.” This from a child’s eyes. I feel the same way every time I go there.

If there is ever an election for mayor of Black Point, my choice would be Connie Watson who has been managing this place, it seems forever. You would be hardpressed to visit the ocean grill without at sometime in your life meeting Connie. If you happen to see me there, make sure to come over and say hello.

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  1. The food always good But The god damn BUGS SUCK . BOB NEEDS TO FIRE His Maintenance GUY who is obviously isn’t doing his JOb . I Have the mosquito spray at home and on the Canal and I have NO BUGS !!!!!!! This guy is just robbing the owner and he is loosing $$$$$$$$$ because of it . I’m not the only one Who Feels this way Employees, and Loyal Patrons as well Fix this BOB or is it u just don’t care

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