Commissioner Levine Cava recognizes Cristian Roldan for saving the life of County employee Ariel Mino

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava today presented a commendation to high school student Cristian Roldan for providing life-saving care to a Miami-Dade County employee.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department Maintenance Repairer Ariel Mino is alive because a 16-year-old young man watched Shark Week. On February 1, while driving home after tutoring math students, Roldan stumbled upon an accident where he saw a man trapped underneath a car with a severed leg that was bleeding profusely.

Cristian Roldan (center) is with his family while receiving recognition from Commissioner Levine Cava.

Mino was in the process of picking up traffic cones near the intersection of Southwest 127th Avenue and 104th Street, after the Department completed a portion of a sewer pipe evaluation. Tragically, a driver crashed into him and pinned him between the driver’s car and the County truck.

Roldan, acting quickly, used his belt to make a temporary tourniquet. While he said it felt like forever, for 5 minutes Cristian had the presence of mind to remain calm. He used all his strength to apply pressure to the tourniquet and kept Ariel’s leg elevated to reduce the bleeding prior to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel arriving.

Roldan credits watching the medical show Grey’s Anatomy, and seeing similar injuries on the show Shark Week, to give him the inspiration of how to help Mino in his time of need. “I was just a tool to help my fellow man,” said Roldan. “I knew this man’s life was in my hands and because I saw he was in need, I stopped to help.”

“Cristian is very modest, but we know he deserves much recognition for his heroic performance to help save a life,” said Commissioner Levine Cava. “I am so proud to recognize this brave young man for his selfless act.”

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1 Comment on "Commissioner Levine Cava recognizes Cristian Roldan for saving the life of County employee Ariel Mino"

  1. Cristian Roldan deserves a lot of recognition for his heroic effort in saving Ariel Mino’s life! I’m surprised that the Water and Sewer Department didn’t check on Ariel regularly, especially while working in such harsh conditions. They could benefit by monitoring their workers with eagle eye, using video tracking to check on their safety and progress on projects. Christian is truly a hero for his selfless act!

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