Consultant tells CBBA about marketing with today’s tech

Consultant tells CBBA about marketing with today's tech

Danilo Vargas gives his presentation to those attending the CBBA meeting.

Entrepreneur and consultant Danilo Vargas addressed the members of the Cutler Bay Business Association on Thursday, Apr. 14, during a meeting at East Ridge Retirement Community.

Vargas gave a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of marketing for small businesses in the age of social media and developing technology. He said that while in the past advertising and marketing messages tended to be generic, controlled by the “gatekeepers” (the large mainstream television, radio and print media) and were mainly for big budget businesses, things have changed in the years since the early 1990s when the Internet increased the options for small businesses.

According to Vargas, now anyone can get into the game through the use of emails and social media, that advertising and contact with potential customers can and must be more individualized and targeted, and the costs are far less than they once were.

He urged his audience to analyze their products and services and devote attention to finding out their customers’ needs first, and to build relationships instead of attempting to sell things with first contact ads and emails.

Vargas can be contacted through his website at

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