Cutler Bay High School announces 4 finalists for Posse Scholarships

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Cutler Bay Senior High School has announced four Posse Scholarship Finalists. The outstanding seniors (listed with their Posse schools) are: Fabiola Alvarez (Hamilton College), Jayden Forrest (Hamilton College), Lorena Gonzalez (Hamilton College) and Estheralice Lopez (Syracuse University).

The concept of a Posse works for both students and college campuses, and is rooted in the belief that a small, diverse group of talented students — a Posse — carefully selected and trained, can serve as a catalyst for increased individual and community development.

Identified for their leadership ability and overall motivation to succeed, Posse Scholars head campus organizations, encourage dialogue and programs that foster an inclusive campus environment and achieve academic success.

Posse Scholars become actively involved in student organizations. More than 70 percent of Scholars have either founded or become leaders of campus organizations. Scholars act as change agents on campus, significantly contributing to the influence and longevity of student organizations.

Posse Scholars help to increase the true diversity of college and university campuses. Through their presence and the more welcoming environment that results, Scholars help to increase the numbers of African-American, Asian, Latino, and other students from diverse backgrounds in the student populations at Posse partner institutions.

The Posse Partner schools from Miami are: Davidson, Franklin and Marshall College, Hamilton, Mt. Holyoke, Pomona, and Syracuse University. Most important, Posse Scholars graduate at a rate of 90 percent and make a visible difference on campus and throughout their professional careers.

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