Florida Healthcare Plus’ focus on quality customer service


Florida Healthcare Plus’ focus on quality customer service

Pictured in the Coral Gables office of Florida Healthcare Plus are Abram Rodriguez, director of marketing, (left) and
Peter Hernandez, chief operating officer.

One topic that is uppermost in the minds of most Americans ages 65 and older is the availability of quality healthcare. Among companies offering managed care in the state the people at Florida Healthcare Plus (FHCP) believe that their focus on quality customer service and cost-effectiveness make them the obvious choice for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

FHCP started out in 2004 as a pre-paid health clinic plan, addressing the needs of lower income families. Today, its is a licensed Florida HMO (health maintenance organization) with branches in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. Focused on serving the needs of its members, FHCP’s community-based operations offer Prepaid, Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs.

Placing service and concern for each individual member at the forefront of its corporate model, FHCP’s director of marketing, Abram Rodriguez, explained that the company is focused on preventative healthcare methods as a way to cut high medical costs.

“We bring a lot of innovative benefits to Medicare, based on our motto that service comes first,” Rodriguez said from the company’s Coral Gables office.

One such feature is the over-the-counter debit card that is recharged in $100 increments every month. The member can use the card at Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar and Dollar General to purchase 25,000 health-related products, from aspirin to blood pressure cuffs.

Another is FHCP’s unlimited van service for members, offered free of charge for doctor appointments, trips to the gym and even grocery-shopping outings. The company has purchased its own fleet of comfortable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, operated by drivers trained and employed by FHCP.

Free gym membership is offered to all members and dieticians are available to accompany members on van-assisted grocery shopping trips to provide guidance for those who need advice on the best food products for their particular health issues. Other plans such as dental and eye health programs are available. FHCP’s coverage is worldwide and accompanies the member wherever he or she goes.

By limiting costs and practicing prevention, FHCP, a relatively small company, can invest the savings into benefits instead of rewarding a large group of stockholders, as is done by larger HMOs. The doctors who are providers with FHCP are incentivized to keep people in good health and receive assistance from FHCP to help cover the costs of implementing and maintaining electronic health records of members.

FHCP also prides itself on the strength of its Social Services Department. It is ready to courteously and efficiently assist members with any service that is offered by the DCF, such as Medicare and Medicaid information, food stamps and home delivered meals and phone assistance.

A hallmark of FHCP’s company is its concern to educate members on the services available to them. New member orientation takes place at local restaurants where benefits are explained in a relaxed, friendly environment, and staff is on hand throughout the year to assist the members and to help them navigate their way through the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

Providing a community-based, clientcentric managed care service is at the heart of what FHCP offers.

“What I like about my job is seeing people happy. We are sensitive to the needs of our members and our providers. We give true preventative care and pass the savings along in more benefits for our members,” said Peter Hernandez, chief operating officer.

To learn more about FHCP, call 305- 888-2210 or visit the website at www.floridahealthcareplus

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