Girl Scouts 100th birthday celebrated at Town Hall

Sue Ellen Loyzelle (in jacket), Sharon Krutulis (with proclamation) and Lance Balding, are pictured with Scouts and other town officials.

The 100th birthday of Girl Scouts of America was celebrated at Cutler Bay Town Hall on Wednesday, Mar. 21, with an afternoon reception hosted by Councilmember Sue Ellen Loyzelle and with a proclamation presented to local Girl Scouts during the town council meeting that evening.

Loyzelle, who had been a Girl Scout, wore a jacket decorated with the many merit badges she earned during her years in Scouting.

“It turned out very well,” Loyzelle said. “I was excited about the attendance, with more than 65 people there. It was nice to talk to the girls and hear about what they’re doing, how excited they are to be Girl Scouts. I was surprised they were excited about the jacket I was wearing, and I told them they should start their own jackets.”

Loyzelle said that she appreciated the support of everyone who helped, and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on the way Scouting is today.

“Without the help of my volunteers it wouldn’t have happened,” Loyzelle said. “It was nice talking to some of the leaders about how Girl Scouts has changed over the years. They have online troops now and a whole variety of different ways you can be a Girl Scout from the traditional way that I grew up with. I want to learn more about it.”

Representing Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida, Sharon Krutulis, volunteer services coordinator, and Lance Balding, director of development and communications, attended the reception and meeting and received the proclamation given by Mayor Ed MacDougall and the other council members. Many area Girl Scouts also participated.

Mikayla Alsopp, 12, is a Girl Scout Cadet in Troop 362 and enjoys the camaraderie and change of pace.

“My favorite thing about Girl Scouting is camping,” Alsopp said. “The S’Mores, sitting around the campfire, being in a tent; It’s different from being at home.”

Thalia Canales, 12, and in Girl Scout Troop 307, said she enjoys the activities.

“I like it when we stand in front of stores selling Girl Scout Cookies,” she said. “I also like when we have meetings, to get together, have our snacks and talk about how we want to change the world — and having friends.”

Erica Casco, leader of Girl Scout Troop 362, said she thought that the 100th birthday of the organization was significant.

“It means a lot,” Casco said. “It means women coming a long way, and always helping our girls to dream higher. It’s amazing.”

She also appreciated the recognition for Girl Scouts that the special event conceived by Loyzelle brought to them.

“Oh definitely, it does help out,” Casco said. “You always hear about the Boy Scouts. Now we want to hear about the girls. Scouting is something that I highly recommend to parents because it brings the girls more self-esteem and they become more empowered. It allows them to dream big.”

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