Growing Like A Palmetto In the City of Doral

Hearing a stranger’s voice yell, “Fore!” in the city of Doral is as common as seeing the golden sun light the town year round. Doral is positioned on the northwest tip of Miami-Dade County about thirteen miles due west of the Magic City. Because Doral was founded by a married couple that bought the acreage for a country club and golf course, it is no surprise that the town’s thriving heartbeat is tangled in eighteen holes.

Visitors to a city founded on a resort might expect to find a snowbirds haven, but instead, nearly half of the population is between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four. Career-age and young adults are drawn to the suburb of Miami for its business enterprises and entertainment. In 2005, the suburb was ranked in the top one hundred cities for offering a blend of living appeal and business opportunity.

Doral’s appeal has led to rapid growth; and it has grown from a modest three thousand residents in 1990 to a reported sixty thousand by the close of 2010: a 1900% growth rate in twenty years. With the influx of new residents, business is booming. New companies are planting subsidiaries within the suburb while others have anchored headquarters there. Of course, there is the ever stable, always busy, Miami-Dade airport that services the greater Miami area and is a constant employer for those who live in, and near Doral.

Whether people have come to live or are just vacationing in Doral, there are so many activities to enjoy. The Marriot Golf Resort (the staple that became the city’s foundation) has been called the State’s most comprehensive spa and entertainment site. It has hosted a famous entourage from Richard Nixon to Tiger Woods. The Legends Ball Room, twice improved, offers 60,000 square feet of accommodations for its guests or one square foot for every resident in town.

No one foresees a slowing down in the growth and expansion of Miami’s most eager suburb. The city of Doral has become a landmark in Florida, blending the appeal that attracts a major Cruise line company to plant its headquarters within, while at the same time, staying tightly knit so that people are eager to start families in the modern style neighborhoods. Locals would extend the invite, “relax and consider this place a vacation home.”

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