Guys and Dolls brought something special to our town

Guys and Dolls brought something special to our town

The cast of Guys and Dolls

If you were not at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center on Jan. 3 to see Guys and Dolls, you missed something special.
I have been to other shows at the center but never believed that anything of this magnitude could take place in Cutler Bay. From the opening number to the very end I was totally transfixed by this tremendous production, using some of the greatest voices I have ever heard on Broadway as well as a cast of great dancers and the most magnificent settings and backgrounds I have ever seen.

I still don’t know how they were able to change the scenery as rapidly as they did and still provide the reality of this fabulous Frank Loesser show. Both the music and lyrics were written by this brilliant man and I never realized how many songs that even I knew the words to originated from Guys and Dolls, songs like Bushel and a Peck, If I Were a Bell, I’ve Never Been in Love Before, and of course, Luck Be a Lady, and Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.

Now you see what I mean. These are songs that virtually everyone can at least hum along to or probably know most if not all of the words
Being a Broadway performer requires so much skill because it involves acting, singing, dancing, and virtually every talent known to man. Nathan Detroit was played by Kelly Green. What a great character. Sky Masterson with his magnificent voice played by Matthew J. Taylor who sang duets with Sarah Brown played by Kayleen Seidl.

It made you want to start applauding before they were through. Think of the song I’ve Never Been in Love Before. That led to tremendous performers singing their hearts out and you have some idea of the depth of this particular show. Lauren Weinberg, who played Miss Adelaid, although from Rhode Island, had the New York accent down perfectly.

I would like to name all the other characters but this newspaper only gives me so much space. Suffice to say every single one of them was beyond compare. The music of course was live, the settings magnificent and the audience absolutely full to the rafters. I spoke to people who had come to the show from all over simply because nothing like this is available anywhere else, where you could park your car easily and sit comfortably in this incredible theater for which we must thank Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss and others.

To see an entire audience rise in unison for a standing ovation is something that you don’t see too often. My only regret is that the entire production took place only on this one night and I truly feel sorry for those who chose not to or were unable to attend. My great hope is that Eric Fliss, the managing director, seeing the response that he got with this show will bring more and more like it. The house was packed, just the way I like to see it.

Folks just don’t know how lucky you are having this incredible facility right in your backyard and if you have not attended something there as yet you are missing out on one of the big advantages of living where we are.

Hot Tip: A fantastic jazz vocalist and beautiful woman will be appearing at the South Dade Theater soon. Watch for announcements for Nicole Henry, Mar. 20, 8:30 p.m., in the RRazz Room

If you know of a show needing a leading man, please call. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be on that stage and having hundreds of people applauding their hearts out for work you have done. This never happens at my council meeting. Maybe I should try singing.

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