Help, AT&T: Now the robocalls are coming from China

Help, AT&T: Now the robocalls are coming from China

One way to stop the calls

Like most of you, I receive several telephone calls each day offering to improve my credit, help my backache, get me better rates on my credit card, cure diabetes, and just about anything that I really don’t need to do.

On occasion I can actually view the calling number which in many cases appears to be coming from Florida and one of the various area codes used there. I have tried, like many of you, calling these numbers back to beg them to remove me from their call list but obviously I could never get through to any of them. The message says this number is no longer in service.

Sometimes I accept the calls when they come in and do my best to harass the callers with hopes that they will put my name on some kind of list that says “wise-guy, don’t call him again.” This hasn’t worked.

I finally decided to call AT&T, my local phone company and ask them how I could remove these callers. I was referred to their wireless phone department which of course had nothing to do with the fact that these calls come in on my land line. Now I realize that many many people have done away with their land lines and I fear that soon I will become one of them.

I was referred to this wireless phone department and they promised to send me a link that would help me eliminate these Robo calls but what I received was a link dealing strictly with wireless. I am not one to give up easily as most of you know, so I entered the number that had called me 1-561-409-8143 to see from where the call originated. You guessed it — China.

When I dug further I found that this particular series of numbers had literally thousands of variants all of which originate in China. Now I know that AT&T has to show a profit but can you imagine how much income comes from all of these phony phone numbers that they issue probably all over the world, and the sole purpose of which in my mind, is to annoy the hell out of people.

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1 Comment on "Help, AT&T: Now the robocalls are coming from China"

  1. Christopher Allen | November 6, 2017 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Just ignore them. I have been receiving those kind of calls since years ago. Nothing could stop them. I personally think that ignoring them is the best option that we could do. There are so many companies that have harassed people over the phone. You could also choose legal action if you want, like what I just read at

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