Here are some suggestions for putting people back to work

Picture a “Service Station” where someone would pump your gas, check the oil and clean your windshield

I guess I would be remiss if, as a politician, I didn’t offer my “Jobs Program” so here it is: Call it the 10-10-10 or whatever number turns you on, but these ideas are guaranteed to work. First, let’s get rid of those expensive machines on the back of our trash and recycle trucks and replace them with a couple of strong guys to lift and dump those barrels into the backs of the trucks.

Next: Eliminate “Our Menu Options Have Changed” and replace it with nice young ladies who say, “Good afternoon and how may I direct your call?” Wow, would that be something!

Do away with those self-service lanes in large stores and have a friendly person there to ring up items, give you change and wish you a pleasant day.

How boring is it to drive down a highway and all you hear is an annoying beep every time you pass a toll station? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little house there with someone to reach out, collect your toll, give you change and, of course, directions to where you are going. (Unless you are in front of me, of course.)

What if instead of these awful ATM machines, the banks had people inside to actually hand you your money and tell you how much, if any, is left in your account.You also could pass some time by discussing the weather, sports or what have you. (Again, not if you are in front of me.)

Suppose we all carried actual money around with us wherever we went. That would require merchants to accept your money and provide change. It would cut down on identity theft and provide even more jobs.

Picture a gas station, which could be renamed “Service Station,” where they would have to hire someone to come out to your car to get your money and, while at it, check the air in your tires and your oil, and maybe even clean your windshield. They might even give away free maps to keep you coming back. How many people would that put to work?

Do away with those awful tubes and semiconductors. They last forever and require that you throw away your old TV or radio once they stop working. Wouldn’t it be great if every neighborhood had a TV repairman that you would get to know on a first name basis? Not only would it provide more jobs, but you would have another friend who was not on Facebook.

The airlines are hurting too. What if they required you to go to the airport and buy your tickets? They would have to hire many more people to serve you and then, if they began serving meals again, it would require folks to prepare and serve the food as well.

Imagine this if you can. Taking a photograph with a small box that would save the image on some type of film roll, which you could then take to a store and have several people employed to develop and print your images or photos as they might be called. This again would eliminate costly printers and computers and put many people back to work as well as eliminating those folks in India who supposedly try to help us fix these devices.

We need people like me, with imagination, to solve the unemployment problem. Of course, I cannot afford a real presidential campaign, so just write my name in on the ballot next election and, who knows how great this country may become once again?

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  1. Ernie,

    Consider mine your first vote!!!!!

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