Keep your loud ‘boom boom’ out of my room

Keep your loud 'boom boom' out of my roomOf course I love music — coming from a family of musicians and attempting to become one myself — but what in the h— are the kids listening to today?

In the past several months I have been to several places where the sound was virtually intolerable. I went to one of our food truck events where they just happen to hire a deejay to liven things up. Apparently it worked but not for me. I enjoy chatting with other people, especially those that I haven’t seen in a while but it was virtually impossible to talk over the “music.” I guess deejays think that their job is to make as much noise as possible and get everyone involved.

I recently went to a Fourth of July event that had a very talented guitar player and vocalist entertaining. The trouble was our table and several others were so close to the amplified speakers that we could barely converse.

The same thing happened in some restaurants that I went to in the past several weeks. One of them, in South Miami was a nice place with good food but they had in an adjoining room with a vocalist and an amplified guitar. Fortunately there was a door separating the two rooms but each time the door was opened the volume increased to a point where we could not continue a sentence until someone thoughtfully came by and closed that door.

I know, my grandkids called me an old fuddy-duddy and perhaps I am, but whatever happened to nice quiet background music. How many times have you been driving and had a car pull up next to you with the windows closed and the base boom sound completely overtaking your car. Imagine what it must be like inside his car with the booming “boom boom” that you are hearing, only 10 times as loud.

Now I like a little base in my music but gee-manee, there is a limit to how loud it must be.

I have a neighbor who frequently has parties on his patio and he somehow fashions himself as a deejay. I’ve complained many times, that the boom boom sound crosses our two backyards and is loud enough to actually shake the windows in my living room. Of course, he is very kind and considerate and now advises me in advance if he expects to have a loud party. That helps but we must still listen to these sounds for at least a short while.

I read about all the problems they are having in the Brickell area and also in Miami Beach where they have clubs with open dance areas on the roof or outside and music blaring until 5 a.m.

Can you imagine spending a ton of money to rent or buy a nice apartment and not be able to sit home and relax with a glass of wine and nice quiet background?

The argument is that the people going to these clubs and parties have their rights too. I guess people’s rights end when they infringe on your lifestyle. I beg that they bring back music that I grew up with — Dancing in the Dark, Slow Boat to China and many others that were so easy to listen to and no matter where the sound was coming from, was tolerable.

Is this going to change? I doubt it, not with all the Bluetooth extensions and electronic equipment to enhance the sound that we see entering the market every day. I guess our only defense is a pair of those earphone type things that you wear at the gun range but I’m not even sure that would keep the boom boom out.

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