Local professional can teach you how to Improv Yourself

Improv is being used to help business people overcome their fear of speaking in front of groups.

Carey Kane, founder of Improv Yourself Communications, is offering workshops and classes to help companies train their employees in better presentation skills.

“We teach professional how to think better on their feet,” Kane said. “We also teach them how to speak from a place of confidence, so that their clients feel at ease.”

The goal of the classes is to boost productivity through communicating better both within the company and out to the world.

“You are making the work more enjoyable because you’re communicating better,” she said “That brings clients in and boosts the bottom line.”

Kane began teaching the classes part-time as evening courses in 2005. Throughout that time, her dream was to teach the courses as a full-time venture.

“We do tailor a workshop to the needs of each company,” Kane said. “Among our array of workshop options, we offer one tailored to women professionals and women attorneys. We also offer one-on-one public speaking coaching.”

Improv Yourself has been offering the workshops since April. Their clients include Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Antonia Canero PA, a Brickell Avenue law firm.

The classes were developed after years of being in professions that required public speaking.

Kane grew up in Pinecrest and left to attend college at Northwestern. After college, she worked for Teach for America and non-profits including Breakthrough Miami.

Her ability to stand in front of others and speak comfortably came from her years in acting classes.

“When I took acting classes I didn’t plan on “I’m going to use that for public speaking skills,” Kane said.

The workshops have paid off for attendees. Kane said one of the attorneys who took her evening courses was asked by his senior partners what he was doing that had improved not only his litigation skills but his interpersonal skills.

Kane said a popular misconception about Improv is that you have to be funny.

“Stand up comedy is when you need to be funny,” she said. “The courses are not about being funny but they are enjoyable. You’re anchoring the learning in fun.”

When someone is going in front of the class doing Improv, Kane helps them through the presentation through gentle side coaching.

“I teach people how to not undermine themselves,” she said. “Improv helps with so many skills.”

One of those skills is collaboration.

“You build brick by brick,” she said. “Your partner adds the mortar, and you add the brick.”

Although Improv teaches you to be in the moment, it doesn’t mean that she advocates an undisciplined approach to work. She comes from a corporate culture but likes to think outside the box and help others to release their creativity.

Kane’s work has caught the attention of not only companies but ABC News.

“ABC News came out a couple of months ago and they covered a class and afterward they interviewed students about how it helped them with their careers,” she said.

When she went into business full-time she took on a partner, Israel Maya, who was one of her first Improv Yourself students.

“When enough attorneys and bankers told us, you’ve got to do this, I knew enough to approach him,” she said. “He’s an outstanding teacher as well.”

For information, call 305-968-6502 or go online to www.improvyourselfnow.com

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