MDX SR 836 at NW 87 Avenue Interchange Project to Begin


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Following a favorable ruling from the Miami-Dade Circuit Court on Thursday, April 21, 2016, MDX will commence construction on the State Road (SR) 836/Dolphin Expressway and NW 87th Avenue Interchange improvements next week. The project will alleviate traffic congestion within the City of Doral by improving traffic operations and safety along the NW 87th Avenue, NW 12 Street and SR 836.

“This is our third court victory with respect to bid protests on infrastructure project awards,” said MDX Chairman Louis Martinez. “This is an affirmation that MDX staff, our legal team and our Board of Directors uphold the highest standards of procurement and strictly adhere to our contract award process and procurement law. The first two judicial victories came on appeal by a losing bidder on the award of a contract for the second phase of the SR 836 modernization, a project which began construction late last year. That protest was denied by the Circuit Court and affirmed by the Appellate Court.”

The project will begin the second phase of MDX’s plan to modernize and reconstruct SR 836. The project includes the partial reconstruction of SR 836 and NW 87th Avenue interchange including the replacement of all SR 836 bridges over NW 87th Avenue. The Project will widen NW 12th Street between NW 82nd Avenue to just west of 87th Avenue and add a new flyover ramp is a significant improvement that will provide a direct connection from westbound NW 12th Street to westbound SR 836. This will substantially reduce the congestion at the intersection of NW 87th Avenue and NW 12th Street. The project also includes the construction of sound barriers, signing and pavement markings, lighting, drainage, utility coordination, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure and landscaping.

The SR 836 and NW 87th Avenue project is anticipated to be completed by Summer of 2018 and will include Express Bus lanes on the inside median shoulder. The project will not only benefit commerce and traffic coming from Doral heading to Miami International Airport and PortMiami, but will also improve the convergence of traffic from the Palmetto Expressway ramp on SR 836 westbound. More importantly, it will alleviate gridlock traffic congestion in the City of Doral at NW 12thStreet, as well as 87th Avenue. MDX will build the project simultaneously with the SR 836 Capacity and Interchange Improvement Project along SR 836 from NW 57 Avenue to NW 27th Avenue. This project will include the elimination of all left hand exits at LeJeune Road (NW 42nd Avenue) and the construction of the first-ever Divergent Diamond Interchanges (DDI) in South Florida, which will be located at NW 57th Avenue and NW 27th Avenue. The DDI significantly improve safety, traffic efficiencies, and reduces congestion on the adjacent local arterials.

The third and final phase of the reconstruction of SR 836 will be completed in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and will address the segment that connects SR 836 to I-95. The project includes the I-395 Signature Bridge over Downtown Miami and new connections to I-95 and the new Port Tunnel and Miami Beach.

“MDX is committed to working closely with our partners to build transportation projects that have a positive impact on the people who live and work in our community every day,” said Martinez. “Being able to commence with the reconstruction of SR 836 and NW 87th Avenue Interchange is a major milestone in development of transportation solutions for the future.”

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2 Comments on "MDX SR 836 at NW 87 Avenue Interchange Project to Begin"

  1. gonzalo sanabria | June 6, 2016 at 6:14 pm | Reply

    Congrats to the resilience and determination of the MDX Chair Martinez and Board Members and the leadership under Director Rodriguez and Chief Engineer Toledo. This has been an unfortunate delay to all commuters but now, finally, it will round-out the magnificent designs to continue to maximize efforts to maintain traffic flow at high peak times.

  2. MDX Chairman Louis Martinez,

    I got to say, this is fantastic news. I live in this area, and someone has dropped the ball for many years and finally figured it out with these future changes.

    Unfortunately, I would like to see N.W. 7th Street and N.W. 82nd Avenue also opened up since both SR826 AND SR836 were lifted for this purpose and now that the construction is completed, both these streets were not opened. How sad that all the money was spent to lift these expressways and the streets not paved and opened.

    Hope you can assist in any way, since with these two openings, it will make it possible to have a complete circle at that interchange which would make traffic flow much quicker and easier!

    Thank you,
    Lily Olmos

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