Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts recognized for outstanding use of technology

The Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts has been recognized by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for outstanding use of technology as an award finalist.

“On behalf of 1,200 employees of our office, I am honored to received this recognition,” said Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts.

Since Ruvin’s election as Clerk of Courts, the organization’s vision has been based upon his technology mantra of serving the public “online rather than in line,” empowering his staff to act as change agents, seeking opportunities to introduce and embrace electronic business process transformation where needed most.

The organization was challenged to automate the office’s paper-intensive workflows as custodian of Miami-Dade’s court, property, and county commission records to promote access, transparency and convenience for the public and generate operational efficiencies in order to save taxpayer’s money. During his tenure, mostly by progressively applying cutting-edge technology, the Clerk’s Office has been able to reduce staffing by 20 percent, even in the face of increasing workloads.

For example, the office introduced the first paperless court system in America. This trailblazing accomplishment, implemented in Miami-Dade’s Traffic Courts, immediately substantiated that transformation of paper-driven operations not only was feasible but would reap broad-based benefits.

From that success a Technology Strategic Roadmap for the office was set: Internet-based project implementations included the electronic conversions of property documents equating today to a searchable repository of over 70 million documents and archived video of county commission meetings with agendas going back 20 years. Then the office embraced mobile technology with applications that provide “information on the go so the public can do business on the go.”

All of this set the stage for the most recent success introducing paperless operations across civil courts, and providing online access to all non-confidential pleadings and judgments.

As 2015 change agents, Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts not only has demonstrated how technology can produce a paradigm shift in doing business, but also can produce improvements in both the quality of our work product and the customer experience.

A direct benefit to the community is reduced impacts to air quality given the need for fewer cars on the road to drive to local courthouses to conduct business now conducted online, with reduced public wait times due to a reduction in the number of people waiting in line. This was substantiated by the millionth document viewed online occurring after just two months in operation.

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1 Comment on "Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts recognized for outstanding use of technology"

  1. Richard N. Friedman, Esquire | May 2, 2016 at 9:19 pm | Reply

    Harvey Ruvin is an outstanding public servant. His accomplishment in electronic document preservation and efficiency will prove to be a lasting benefit for the Miami-Dade community for decades to come. He and his staff richly deserve the accolades of a job well done from the entire community.

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