Sapneil Tutoring helps to ensure academic success for your child

Sapneil Tutoring helps to ensure academic success for your child

Sapneil Parikh, founder and owner of Sapneil Tutoring Inc.

Getting into the college or university of your choice today is much more competitive than it was just a decade ago. Parikh Tutoring Inc. provides services that give students the knowledge, critical thinking skills and strategies required to achieve academic excellence. One hallmark of Sapneil Tutoring’s programs is the personalized attention given to each student. Another is recognizing that the way in which students learn and how they react to test taking varies from person to person. “Our method focuses on helping students learn the strategies and skills necessary to ace standardized exams,” said Sapneil Parikh, founder and owner of the company. At Sapneil Tutoring the entire student is considered. They work with students, their parents and college admissions preparation counselors (CAP) to make certain that the best decisions are being made for the academic future of each student. The company offers personalized attention and excellent test score improvements at affordable prices for students ages 15-17. They make available one-on-one individualized instruction or small group tutoring with a maximum of seven students. They also provide flexible scheduling, consistent performance evaluations and the services of highly qualified tutors (all either post-graduate students or holding a master’s degree). Sapneil Tutoring has distinguished itself by helping students achieve higher test scores and higher learning potential in the classroom. They are committed to assisting students in their quest for just the right college. The company takes particular pride in the fact that it has helped over 90 percent of its students qualify for partial and full academic scholarships in the brief history of the company. Parikh founded the company in 2010. He is a graduate cum laude from the University of Florida with a degree in finance and business administration. He earned two master’s degrees: one in Public Health from Florida International University and another in Interdisciplinary Studies from Touro College (Harlem, New York). He is currently a DMD (dental degree) candidate. Parikh has had a lifelong interest in learning and assisting others to learn so they can realize academic freedom. He has successfully tutored students in local public and private schools. Early in his academic pursuits, Parikh discovered that he was adept at taking standardized tests. As a tutor he recognized that students who struggled with the mechanics of test taking were unaware of certain patterns inherent in college preparatory tests such as the SAT, ACT and PSAT. “I discovered that if you teach the student the patterns, they will achieve success,” he said. In addition to tutoring services, Sapneil Tutoring offers enhancement programs for faculty, students and parents concerning the college admissions process, what a student needs to enter Florida universities, workshops on the SAT versus the ACT test, SAT and PSAT workshops and their college application “boot camp.” Sapneil Tutoring is located at 1405 SW 107 Ave., Suite 205 C. For more information, call 305-968-6364, send email to or go to

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