So proud, I still receive ‘letters’ from my son

So proud, I still receive 'letters' from my sonI am proud to say that I still receive letters from my son who is now of AARP age. Because they are so interesting I thought I would display a few of them here.


These are just a few of the letters that I receive from him. If I had more space I would show you more. Just think how costly and time-consuming it would be if he said: okay, thanks, or oh my God! I would have to spend a great deal more time reading his letters and, of course, he would spend more time sending them.

I love technology as much as the next guy (not really), but I must keep up with modern life. My grandchildren occasionally lift their heads from their iPads and iPhones to actually speak to me but very briefly. After all, how can they interrupt themselves from an automobile race or the latest, this is true, a race to see who can unroll a roll of toilet paper online faster than the competition. I tried it myself and was a complete failure but I need more practice.

I tried to introduce something new to my family when we have our family gatherings for dinner, holidays, etc. The something new was called “conversation.” This was really tough for the kids because it meant that they had to listen to Grandpa (me) drone on about the good old days which they still find hard to believe. I do keep a few relics in my house such as a dial telephone, a collection of actual paper books, and a few other oddities which they are not likely to see in the future.

The recent hurricane brought a lot of things home to me. I was without Internet, fax, or land-line telephone for several weeks and nearly went crazy. For example: I wanted to search out the origins of air conditioning for an article I was writing and where do you get such information other than Google. Of course with no phone or Internet service, nor do I own a set of encyclopedias (remember those). Of course I could have gone to a library, if they were open, but I am not sure that I would have found what I wanted there. It was necessary for me to deliver my last article to my editor, but without the Internet I had to save it to a thumb drive and hand deliver it. I guess I am just spoiled

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