Stand Your Ground: What if I shot my computer?

Stand Your Ground: What if I shot my computer?I recall reading some time ago about a person who actually shot his computer. I wondered what could drive anyone to so serious an action. I now know!

I am not sure that the “Stand Your Ground” law would protect me but I could certainly offer a good case for being harassed and threatened by the world of computers.

You perhaps recall a recent article of mine where I somehow I was forced to buy a computer operating on Windows 8. It took me quite some time plus reading a one-and-ahalf- inch thick book finally to become fairly adept at this new software. I recently received an e-mail from Microsoft offering a free upgrade to Windows 8.1. What a nice gift, I thought. They are trying to make up for all the problems that they caused me with their original software. What poor judgment on my part. The download was simple; the results horrific!

The first thing that I noticed is that my checks were now being printed out on my label maker. I was able to correct that with an hour or so of my own effort. The next thing I noticed was that one of my two monitors was no longer functioning. The new Windows program would not accept my second monitor connection. After speaking with my “Friends in India’ for about seven hours, I was finally able to resolve this issue.

Now getting my printer to print as it has for some time with no difficulty I ended up spending well over seven hours with my “Friends in The Philippines” with no satisfactory results. I was able to solve this problem with my own self-determination. At this point I had not reached for my weapon.

I began having some problems with my AT&T DSL service. They said they would be glad to help me but they would no longer be providing support for DSL in the near future and that I had better transfer to the infamous U-Verse. I had little choice but to comply, otherwise they might send even more people knocking on my door begging me to sign up. The installer showed up when he was supposed to; hooked up everything and it seemed to work fine until my IT associate tried to email someone. She was unable to do so because of some settings with my new UVerse system.

Being the knowledgeable citizen that I am, I called AT&T for assistance. They were “very happy to assist me” and after several hours decided that I had to be transferred or escalated to their email department. They said they too would be happy to solve my problem but that I must pay extra for the service.

I whined and cried but to no avail and had to give in if I wanted to able to use this new email system. When I received a call later from AT&T asking me how happy I was with my new service, I complained bitterly about having to pay for a correction only days after the installation. I believe that my account has been credited for the extra charge but I will await my invoice to be sure.

Of course now that AT&T has installed a new router, everything connected to my wireless was no longer functioning. If I were an IT expert I might have been able to reconnect everything, but the world of computers has left me far behind.

I began making a series of calls regarding the various devices connected to my Wi-Fi, i.e. printer, security camera, Wi-Fi extender, and who knows what else. I called the company that made my Wi-Fi extender, a simple device that costs around $40, for advice on how to reconnect. They suggested I buy a $200 service warranty package that would keep me connected for another year. I also have the option of paying $50 for a one-time service assist. Having paid less than that for the new unit, I question their tactics but after all who am I but just another complaining customer. This too, I was eventually able to solve.

OK, now where did I hide my 8mm ammo and which monitor do I take out first? Yes my life and sanity are being threatened!

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