Summer Sunning In Florida and Doral Events No One Should Miss

For those that do not want to fight with the hustle and scramble of a big city, going to Miami to find something to do during the Florida summer is not appealing. Fortunately, there are hosts of fun ways to spend the summer months in Miami’s smaller suburbs. Doral events focus on golf, and the luxury of America’s finest spa and resort. The world class Marriot: Doral Golf Resort and Spa employs the finest staff to offer the most upscale experience to each of its guests.

From the Mesazul Steakhouse to the Pritlkin Longevity Center, and the award winning fitness club, guests to the resort will find days of enjoyment. The Jim McLean Golf School is also an option for visitors to Marriot’s Resort. CNN, and US News have both featured the school, touting that it is the number one educational atmosphere to teach golfers of all skill levels. Its summer junior camp is a great place for any young, aspiring golfer, to begin a serious pursuit of the sport.

Those not excited about spas and resorts still have plenty to choose from when visiting the city of Doral. La Covacha hosts concert events throughout the spring and summer beginning with Camila and their rendition of Latin Soft Rock. Throughout the summer too, there are musical events in the late evenings at Morgan Levy Park.

The nearby Miami International Mall offers Doral visitors and Residents a place to go to escape the summer heat and humidity when playing outside gets too exhausting. As one of the States’ largest malls, there are over 140 shops to satisfy the wants of anyone who makes their way through the air-conditioned corridors. There are a plethora of dining options as well as nearby bars and a theater.

It may get sticky hot during the summers in southern Florida, but the weight of the sun provides twelve months yearly where the outdoors are accessible. Cool mornings and fragrant evenings are the perfect backdrop for a leisurely eighteen holes any day and the parks and recreation offer many outdoor concerts, trails to walk and places to picnic, enjoying the company of close friends and family.

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