Time for some common sense when it comes to guns on planes

Time for some common sense when it comes to guns on planes“Okay, so I beat up my girlfriend a few times; my psychological evaluations show that I am nuts and the CIA has taken over my mind and forced me to watch ISIS films on my computer. Now may I have my gun back?”

“Sure, just don’t shoot any innocent people with it and make sure that you carry it in a nice box.”

No, I am not making most of this up, although the quotes are similar to what actually happened in that shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Am I nuts in believing that there is no way in the world I would have allowed this guy to be carrying any type of weapon, especially one with a large magazine that can be fired very rapidly thereby killing lots of innocent people.

I know as a result of this article that I will get my normal criticisms calling me a leftist, communist and whatever else they can think of.

These are of course the defenders of the Second Amendment, which I love so dearly but which is misinterpreted so frequently. Those folks think that if everyone on that particular plane or anyone in the airport at the time had been “carrying” this might not have happened.

Sure! Just picture this: Everyone shouting “there is another shooter.” Hundreds and hundreds of people, untrained, panicked, and having no idea what is actually going on, taking out their weapons and firing at wherever they thought the shooting might have arisen from. The police would encounter the same problem.

These same Second Amendment types are all for open carry in our schools. Of course their argument is that if all the kids have their own weapons they will be able to defend themselves against any potential threat. I don’t know about you, but many of the kids that I see getting to school every day don’t seem like a proper well-regulated militia to defend our rights.

To give you some peace of mind, I personally have had taken away from me by TSA, several pairs of three-inch mustache scissors. My wife had to give up a pair of expensive cuticle scissors on another trip.

Folks, you can feel perfectly safe now if you happen to have cuticles or an unruly mustache. Our government is doing its job and my recommendation is that all passengers carry their own cuticle scissors to defend yourself against possible cuticle cutters. I know that this all sounds crazy to you but allowing a fellow to place a gun in a carry bag that he can retrieve at the next airport with no inspection, load and fire it, after buying a one-way ticket and placing only this item in the luggage department.

You all know by now that I am very much against everyone being allowed to carry his/her own weapon. Yes, the police may need them, soldiers require them, hunters like them, target shooters find them challenging, but allowing people who just get on an airplane with a one-way ticket, knowing that their gun awaits them in the baggage claim area, somehow just galls me.

As many of you recall I spent many years as a radio talk show host and certain topics brought about the most angry and threatening responses — top of the list of course was gun control.

I did many shows questioning the belief of a supreme being, abortion, and all the other hot topics, but the worst responses then and, of course, now to my newspaper articles always come from the gun nuts.

One only has to read the newspaper every single day to see the mayhem that is taking place on our streets, in our schools, on airplanes, and just about anywhere where people gather. I just watched a movie called Patriots’ Day (a great movie by the way) and learned that one of the two perpetrators involved in the Boston Marathon massacre has yet to be executed as is the case with many other outright murderers. Help me to understand this one please!

If someone has brutally murdered one or several people, all the evidence pointing to that person, of what value is their life and should we be required to pay for their meals, bedding, legal help, etc. Frankly our colonial ancestors seem to have the right idea when they placed criminals in stocks. Wouldn’t you just like to walk through downtown and see the actual people that make our life so miserable, bolted into a set of wooden blocks so that we may walk by and let our feelings be known? Rocks, if the rock should happen to fly their way; well that is the price of justice.

Of course the biggest outcry seems to be against the police who in most cases are simply doing their job to protect us. The cry is that “black lives matter.” Of course, I thoroughly agree with that but question why so many Black lives are being taken primarily in black neighborhoods by other Blacks. Check out the statistics from the Chicago South Side or our own Miami Gardens and you will see exactly what I mean.

Okay all you gunsters, send those letters and emails so that I can be even more vociferous in my future articles. Have a happy, gun free, new year!

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4 Comments on "Time for some common sense when it comes to guns on planes"

  1. So hunters have to drive when they go hunting in a far away state? Competitive shooters have to drive when they go to nationals? People who are licensed to carry in their home state and visiting a reciprocal state by air, leave them at home? There are plenty of reasons someone might want to check a firearm in luggage that don’t have anything to do with mass shootings. It happens every day, many times a day without incident. Actually, Florida bans carry in airport terminals for people with permits to carry. Fat lot of good that did. Someone intent on causing harm isn’t going to care about the “No guns” sign posted at an entrance.

  2. I think you miss out on how often this actually occurs. My guns have flown all over the country while I conduct training and take training. Hunters travel and help out the economy of many states with the Out of State licensing fees. You can not make a law that is the bad apple law, one bad apple in the bunch and you because you have no idea of the impact to others, except yourself, you are good to ban us all. I am not coming at you like any crazy person, I am just publicly calling you out as having no idea what you are talking about and the economic impact it will have. I respect your opinion, even when I know it to be wrong.

  3. Sochin purposefully conflates taking a firearm into the plane as carry-on luggage and the reality of needing to have it in checked baggage, way down in the bowels of the plane, inaccessible to anyone. The real question is why he is compelled to willfully, knowingly, mislead his readers. Until that gets answered then anything he writes is suspect as fake news.

  4. I would humbly propose that there’s a simple way for an armed citizen to tell the difference between a mass murderer actively killing, or stabbing, or otherwise harming innocents, and a fellow armed citizen interested in saving lives: the mass murderer is the one going around randomly shooting, stabbing, or otherwise harming innocents, while those with guns refraining from shooting others might just be the good guys.

    Granted, there are flaws with this method of assessment — a mass murderer hiding under cover, watching for any armed citizens pulling out guns to stop the main mass murderer comes to mind — and it may even be impossible to defend against all such scenarios — but in general, I think this is a reasonable, even intuitive, rule for an armed citizen to do what they can to stop an active mass murder event, without shooting innocent people themselves.

    In any case, before we worry about such a scenario, I’d appreciate seeing specific examples of when this happens. (I think that, when this happens, this generally does so when police officers show up on the scene, and accidentally shoot a plainclothes cop.) We can use such events as lessons on how we can prevent honest people who are only acting to preserve innocent life from getting shot themselves.

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