TV production is making comeback at Miami Sunset Senior High School

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The long awaited state-of-the-art television production studio has finally arrived at Miami Sunset Senior High School.

The new drama teacher, Justin Conley, will be serving in a dual role by also directing the TV production program.

This program will allow students to experience what it is like to be on a movie set, will teach the television and movie production process, and will enable students to bring out their creative side by writing, filming, and acting in their own short films and shows.

Conley already is instilling his vision in the classroom.

“[The students] are starting a five- to ten-minute film that eventually will be fully produced in the studio downstairs or locations right on campus,” Conley said. “At the end of the year, we will have a film festival.”

Students are thrilled with the activities they are doing and are responding positively to the new program.

“I love being in a creative space with people who share the same interests as me,” said Rudy Perez, a student who has a passion for TV production. “This program has really opened doors for me in TV production.”

The program also will allow Miami Sunset to change the way it delivers school news to its students.

Conley and his students currently are working on creating a broadcast news show for reporting the morning announcements. It will be pre-recorded and shown on the Promethean Boards, giving students something visual as opposed to just hearing announcements over the loudspeaker, something that has gone on for years.

“For some students, it can be hard to maintain their focus by just listening to an audio. I feel like watching someone report the news will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone and gain the interest of the students more,” Conley said.

The students who are involved in the TV program will be getting a great opportunity that has been missing from Sunset for a long time.

The students who want to pursue a career in broadcasting will be given the experience and resources to perfect their craft. Miami Sunset is one of only two high schools in Miami-Dade County to have this high level of equipment, which should make the school a destination spot for students who are interested in this field.

Conley said that students should be able to see the new TV station come to life in their classrooms by November if everything goes according to plan.

Angelina Buenaventura is a student journalist at Miami Sunset High School.

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