Wallander series on PBS well worth taking a look

Wallander series on PBS well worth taking a lookI never claimed to be a TV critic or analyst but occasionally I get so turned on by a particular series that I feel compelled to talk about it.

The shows that I watch are not the normal run-of-the-mill type that most people pay attention to but what might seem as fairly outside the parameters of normal viewing. How I come to the shows is still a mystery to even me.

Generally, I turned the TV on and whatever happens to be on the screen is what I begin watching and on occasion, as I am about to describe, suck me right in. My wife might step in and ask what I am watching and in most cases I have no idea other than the fact that it is holding my interest.

Let me give you an example. I recently stepped in to a show called Wallander. It comes from a BBC program and is basically a Swedish TV series. Go figure that out. The series is adapted from novelist Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels and starring someone who I think is a brilliant actor, Kenneth Branagh. What makes the show so fascinating to me is the incredible acting of not only the lead actor but everyone else on the show.

Yes I tried my hand at acting myself at one time and would have done great if I could only remember my lines and immerse myself in the character that I was playing. Frankly I was no good at either but seeing someone who is truly talented, I can more appreciate what it is that they do.

This, of course, always has been my advice to young people, to pursue as many different possible careers as they can and hopefully find the one that suits them best. But if nothing else results from this you will be able to appreciate, as I do, what others are able to do.

Another small example is that at one time I was sure that I was going to become the best jazz drummer in the world. The end of my dream came when I was sitting in with a band in New York and the bass player right behind me said, “this guy is no f—— good.” So much for my musical career, but back to Wallander.

I have watched Kevin Branagh exploring a crime scene and to simply look at his eyes and expressions you would have no doubt that this was a true crime scene and that he was totally dedicated to solving the mystery. Now, I have watched, as many of you have, many crime dramas, police stories, and the like but I must tell you I have never been as taken in and had as an emotional response as watching him search for clues.

I am not the only one impressed by this particular show as Branagh already has won the broadcasting press Guild award for best actor and six Academy television awards including best drama series. Even I never expect to attain anything close to that, but I haven’t given up.

The series is based on a detective and police inspector in the small town of Ystad, Sweden. In the series Wallander has to deal with a father who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Watching the relationship between he and his father would make for a TV series on its own. You can totally feel the emotions between the two of them.

If you are interested in more than I have to say, I suggest you search out Wallander on Google. I doubt that many artistic endeavors or TV shows get the coverage that this particular one does on Google. I have been watching it on the PBS channel but check local listings as there are reruns available on other channels and please tell me if you agree!

Some of my other favorites are GENIUS and 100. Check them out.

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3 Comments on "Wallander series on PBS well worth taking a look"

  1. Hi Ernie,
    You peeked my interest. The real reason I called is I am going to unsubscribe to your news letter. It has been informative & entertaining. But we have moved to St. Augustine, an adult community called Glenmoor, at the world golf village.
    Will miss you all from Cutler Bay. Dan & Edwina Hutton

  2. You do not have to unsubscribe I live in Coconut Creek I am Ernies Travel Agent.
    His newsletter is entertaining no matter where you live I send a copy of his newsletter to
    a lot of my clients they enjoy it also Mae Strutt PS Cant wait to watch WALLANDER

  3. Sorrel S Resnik MD | May 26, 2017 at 10:06 pm | Reply

    Clever and intelligent writing! Always interesting stories and comments. Keep it coming!
    Sorrel S Resnik M.D.

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