WCS’s Alexa Garcia completes NYFL Medical Forum at Emory

WCS’s Alexa Garcia completes NYFL Medical Forum at Emory

Alexa Garcia displays her Certificate forParticipation at NYLF–Forum ofMedicine at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Alexa Garcia, a sophomore at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, completed a 10-day participation at NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum –Forum of Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, July 7-16.

Alexa’s exposure at the Medical Forum at Emory University included her participation, along with approximately 400 students nationally, where she experienced a hands-on, interactive curriculum that included shadowing practicing physicians, clinical site visits at the nation’s top medical centers and met and interacted with faculty from world-renowned medical institutions that included daily lectures informing the students of their educational requirements; career – specialty options; legal and ethical issues facing the medical profession along with discussions of global epidemics/ cures for lifethreatening diseases/ medical specialties along with primary care with current physicians and patients.

The students also experienced a handson simulated triage scenario where students were both first responders who made a general assessment of the injured patients and as patients. With each full day, students were also assigned “nightly” reading of the medical texts in preparation of the next day’s assignment.

This experience was exciting and intense as it introduced Alexa to both college dorm life; meeting peers from other states while demonstrating leadership, responsibility, dedication, discipline and, most importantly, an introduction into the field of medicine.

Alexa also will receive two college credits to be applied toward her high school transcript by having completed and submitting NYLF’s mandatory leadership requirements of same. Alexa’s passion for children has piqued her interest in directing her medical future toward becoming a pediatrician.

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