What’s in a name? This public hearing may decide

We hear that there’s a public hearing on a proposed naming for Cutler Bay Academy of Advanced Studies on Thursday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. that will affect both the Centennial Campus and Cutler Ridge Campus. The hearing takes place in the Centennial Campus School Auditorium at 8601 SW 2125 Street, Cutler Bay. Not a surprise, as the name changes were urged by the town council in a in a resolution that was adopted on October 16th of last year.

The public hearing is being conducted by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, which is responsible for the names given the schools within its jurisdiction. For information residents may contact either Mr. Paul Pfeiffer, Principal of Cutler Bay Academy of Advanced Studies, Cutler Ridge Campus at 305-235-4761 or by email at ppfeiffer@dadeschools.net, or Ms. Maritza Garcia, Principal of Cutler Bay Academy of Advanced Studies, Centennial Campus at 305-235-1581 or by email at garcia0511@dadeschools.net.

We get letters… We got this one from Steve Zarzecki of Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay regarding a letter in our previous column from Councilwoman Peggy Bell, who is running for Mayor in the November elections:

“Michael, in your column in the September 2 issue of the CBN, Peggy Bell demonstrated a misunderstanding of the goals of our organization and the format of our Candidate Forum. It was disappointing to learn, only after the fact, of Peggy Bell’s decision not to attend the recent Candidate Forum hosted by the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay. This no-show was indeed a disservice to the citizens of Cutler Bay, especially those who showed up to listen to the candidates discuss issues and answer questions.

“The format, adopted from a forum hosted by the Whispering Pines Civic Association, was chosen because it allowed the candidates to control the content of the debate. It called for candidates to ask questions of each other. Isn’t this the basis of any debate? And, it also included a second phase where candidates answered questions submitted by the audience. Great effort was expended to ensure an unbiased and informative forum. To falsely accuse the Concerned Citizens of anything else is indeed ‘adversarial and negative.’

“The Concerned Citizens are pleased and proud to offer service to the community by hosting candidate forums. (We are the only Cutler Bay organization offering forums for Cutler Bay candidates.)

And also year-round, by providing a venue where citizens can come together, regardless of their political leanings, or who they voted for, or their stand on controversial issues, to discuss in a friendly, neighborly, round-table venue issues of concern and importance to our Town.

“The Concerned Citizens feel that candidate forums are in the best interests of the citizens of Cutler Bay. We will host a second equitable and unbiased Candidate Forum for Cutler Bay candidates in October. This is not only a service to our community, but also a service to the candidates. It is our sincere hope that all the candidates participate. We welcome a discussion with any and all candidates regarding the format of that forum, including alternatives. Our goal is to provide service to the community. To learn more, visit our website, www.CCofCB.org. Stephen Zarzecki, President, Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay” And on that note, Steve also tells us that the second Cutler Bay Candidate Forum will take place on Tuesday, October 7, from 7-9 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the Cutler Ridge United Methodist Church, 20740 Old Cutler Road. “Admission is free. Coffee and Donuts will be served. All are welcome.”

sponsored by the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay will be held on the evening of the first Tuesday in October. All the candidates running for office in Cutler Bay have been invited to participate. It promises to be an informative and interesting forum, with candidates answering questions and discussing issues. For info call Steve Zarzecki at 305-255-4351.

Thought of the Day:
Wherever you are, it is your own friends who make your world.
— William James

Gary Alan Ruse contributed to this column.

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