When was the last time a president used the ‘s’ word

Okay, I said to myself there is no need to write about this because everyone already has, but anyone who knows me knows that that would be very difficult for me to do.

When is the last time a president used the word “s***hole” in any type of speech or tweet or whatever. Impossible I would say.

Recently while working out at the gym — yes, even though I don’t look it, I do spend time at the gym — I was watching the TV monitor and saw a quote from “The Donald” saying that we should not allow people to come to this country if they are from “s***hole nations.”

This could not be our alleged president speaking so I assumed it was a problem with the TV transcriber or perhaps the audio itself. When I got home I immediately went to the news channel hoping that I would see the correct quote. I also immediately checked the various newspapers around and for some reason they all had the same information. Again, impossible coming from a president of our country.

I was reminded by someone quite familiar with the newspaper business that had this happened many years ago when both of our parents were first arriving in this country, especially coming from the s***hole country of the time — Russia. I guess that would make us the children of s***holers.

Frankly I never quite thought of myself that way and I truly doubt that the people from Haiti, El Salvadore, Africa, México and The Caribbean would see themselves in that light either. Now I can understand a bit of prejudice towards the natives of other countries and the way they behave, but in a high political office I just would find it difficult and offensive to use words like that to describe them.

Of course, if you are to believe U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, the president may not have ever actually said these words. So much for the senator and any possible future chance for his re-election.

Perhaps, as most of you know, I have never been particularly fond of the Trumpster and have often said this country may not be able to survive three more years of this man. My fears are turning into reality for all of us and something now needs to be done soon.

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to write about it, and I lied. Based on this perhaps you will not vote for me in any of my future endeavors, but at least my conscience is now clear.

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