Where To Go At Night In South Miami

Many cities are judged by their night life and as Miami-Dade County is one of the top tourist destinations in both Florida and the entire United States, night life is especially important for these communities. Towns like South Miami offer great attractions for night owls looking for a great time.

No discussion of a night in South Miami is complete without mentioning The Shops at Sunset Place. This legendary  outdoor mall is more than just a place to do a little shopping; it’s an incredible scene for tourists and locals who are looking for great food, drinks and unique stores. For instance, Game Time offers entertaining games and drinks for adults. Another option is the Martini Bar, a very classy and elegant place to grab a drink and have a great conversation. The Sunset Place is an essential stop for any South Miami visitor.

South Miami is also a great place to see a movie on one of the local AMC Theater’s 24 large screens. The theater is well-maintained, and while it may not be the most unique aspect of South Miami, it’s a good way to start or end a night in the town. Visitors looking for something a little more out of the ordinary should trek over to Coral Gables to see the Laughing Gas Comedy Improv Theater, a great local performing troupe with an always-changing show.

The 11th Street Diner at Miami Beach is fairly close to the small South Miami area and a good place to end the night. It’s a small diner with fairly standard fare, open 24/7 with great service. Another good 24/7 diner is Kendall Village Diner in Miami, which is a bit closer to South Miami and a better option for patrons who don’t want to make the drive out to Miami Beach.

Thanks to its blend of great shopping, great bars and restaurants, and fabulous entertainment options, South Miami can be an incredible place to spend some time. Visitors should be sure to take advantage of one of the cab services or Miami’s public transportation system and to try to budget a few days in town– there’s a lot to see in one night, so some extra time in South Miami will allow for a better experience of the small city’s unique charms.

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