DBC Trustees Network At Shula’s Steak House

DBC Trustees Network At Shula’s Steak House

DBC Trustee Luncheon includes (l r): Trustee Committee Chair Nubielena Medina; DBC Chair Nelson Penalver;Efrain Sora, Sonya Canas, and Luis Miguel.

One of the benefits of being a Doral Business Council (DBC) Trustee Member is to enjoy exclusive opportunities to network and grow their businesses. Trustees who attended the last luncheon not only enjoyed top-notch food at one of Miami’s premiere restaurants, but also managed to close big business deals.

The lunch was hosted by Shula’s Steak House – The Original, where Trustee members enjoyed Shula’s Cut beef along with its signature Caesar salad and Florida key lime pie. Also on hand was World of Wines owner Monica Casas who paired each course with one of her boutique wines, finishing the lunch with a sweet Moscatel wine.

Another unique aspect of the gathering was that Shula’s Steak House, which only opens in the evening to the public, opened the restaurant for lunch exclusively for the DBC Committee.

What make these luncheons and events even more exciting are the business connections and deals that are closed between the members. Last month several one-to-one meetings were set up and two members began doing business with each other.

The DBC Trustees are community leaders who are instrumental in helping increase the influence of the Trustee Members, among, company CEOs, decision- makers, legislators, and other influencers of South Florida.

Trustee Members enjoy an enhanced membership experience and special privileges with the DBC that enable the exchange of ideas and business development at the highest levels. For more information about the DBC Trustee Committee, please contact Chairwoman, Nubielena Medina at 305-470-4680 or nubielena@nmgconsulting.com.

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