Doral Mayor Bermudez presents 2017 State of the City Address

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“Our great City continues to flourish presenting unique opportunities and challenges. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we remember who we are, where we have been, and where we are going.”

With these words, Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez proudly addressed his community during the 2017 State of the City. “Let us take this time to reflect on this as we prepare to celebrate Doral’s 15th anniversary in 2018,” he added.

The annual address took place before hundreds gathered in the City Hall Chambers Nov. 30, as Mayor Bermudez highlighted the city’s accomplishments of the past year and shared his vision for 2018 and beyond.

Mayor Bermudez is serving to bring a strong sense of community, transparency, and stability back to Doral. He explained how hard he is working with the residents, businesses, and partners to improve the quality of live in the city.

“Safety is our mayor concern, as our Police Department is taking an extra effort to protect our community. We increased the number of citations because we want residents respecting the law; we can improve the traffic with better roads but drivers need to put their effort following the rules,” he noted.

In the mayor’s words, “The city’s finances are excellent, we have a wonderful new park, ecological programs – have you seen the bikes? – our City Council is working is a united fashion and with a lot of financial responsibility. In fact, no project can be presented without funding.”

Bermudez concluded by stating “Everything is contributing to make Doral the premier place to live, work, learn, and play. Together we can certainly accomplish everything we set our minds to.”

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