Free Workshop Set for Safe Halloween

Growing up in New York as a kid, we knew the holidays were coming at the beginning of autumn and changing of the leaves.

By the end of October we started the season with Halloween, followed with Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year.

While, we all love the holiday season, we must be aware this is also the time when criminals, abductors and child molesters are on the prowl. In Miami things are different (no leaves changing) but we still have a tropical holiday season, and the same thugs will be on the loose to ruin your fun.

As a child I loved Halloween, picking my costume and trick or treating, just as I‘ve had as a father of two growing boys. Today as a certified National Security Network Kids Safe Agent and a martial arts instructor with ten years’ experience as a maximum security prison corrections officer, I’ve lost my love for Halloween. With that background, I am all too aware of how the criminal mind prepares for Halloween. With violent crimes sweeping the nation, it’s no surprise that each year more and more parents are hesitant to allow their children to go out on the streets. Even so, most every parent doesn’t want to deprive a child of the joys and family traditions of Halloween. That’s why each and every year since 1998 when we began teaching self defense in Doral, we have organized a Halloween Child Safety Workshop to help keep our children safe.

On Friday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m., Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense at 10721 N.W. 58 St. will host its annual Halloween Safety workshop as a free community service. (For information, tel. 305-599-3649).

We’ll show the child safety movie “Journey of the Steal Proof Master” self defense lessons, and most importantly, teach your child Halloween safety tip. We’ll also educate parents on child and Halloween safety. Among the tips we’ll cover:

• Pick well-lit streets;

• Trick or treat while light;

• Wear a costume easy for walking;

• Carry a flashlight;

• Put reflective tape on costumes

In addition, never go inside a stranger’s house to ask for candy, and do not let a face mask keep you from seeing well. Try using face makeup instead, but if you must wear a mask, take it off before crossing the street.

Always trick or treat with a parent, big brother or sister, or with a group of children. Only cross streets at the corners and resist the urge to cross between parked cars.

Finally, wait until you get home to sort and check your treats, making sure you don’t sample any of what you have until your parents inspect it. Have fun and enjoy a great and safe Halloween!


Julio Anta is the owner of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense and has been changing lives in Doral since 1998. Contact him at 305-599-3649 or via the internet at

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