“I Never Knew the Problem Was in my Neck!”

“I Never Knew the Problem Was in my Neck!”Liana suffered from debilitating migraines for eight long years. She would lock herself in a dark room for hours because light would trigger her pain. She tried seven different medications, visited four different specialists, and her last option was surgery. It was affecting her work and family life. Finally, her co-worker encouraged her to visit an upper cervical doctor.

For years, chiropractic has been a great source of relief for people suffering with back pain. It has come a long way from the days when it was considered unscientific quackery. It has evolved to the point where chiropractors have developed different areas of focus.

Most chiropractors practice what is known as traditional chiropractic, what most people think about when they have neck and back pain from an accident or fall.They do a great job of providing pain relief.

However, there is a little-known specialty within chiropractic known as Upper Cervical Care whose doctors practice much differently than the traditional chiropractor. (There are an estimated 1,200 upper cervical doctors in the U.S.).

Upper Cervical Care is an extremely safe, natural, gentle and precise corrective procedure that takes the popping, twisting, and cracking out of the equation.While many chiropractic approaches focus primarily on increasing motion to the spine, an upper cervical doctor is focused on restoring its normal structural position.

The reason it works is because of the way the head and neck affect the brainstem. When the top part of the neck shifts out of place, it puts stress on the muscles and ligaments of the spine, as well as the blood vessels and nerves that go in and out of the spinal cord.While it can certainly cause neck pain, when the brainstem and spinal cord are affected, it can cause symptoms like migraines,vertigo, and TMJ/facial pain.

This small shift is known as Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC), usually associated with falls, sports injuries, improper lifting technique or even accidents as slow as 12 mph. However,ADC can happen and last without symptoms for months or even years.

Three weeks after visiting an upper cervical doctor, Liana was completely free of migraines.Two years later, she still hadn’t had a migraine and gets periodic checkups from her upper cervical doctor.

She never knew the problem was in her neck.

DR. OSCAR MOLINA, founder of ATLAS Chiropractic, Miami’s upper cervical center, Is located at 1336 N.W. 84 Ave, Doral, FL 33126.Tel. 305-890-6040 or visit getwellmiami.com.

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  1. This is just an advertisement to get business at a clinic, in my opinion. You name it, and its been claimed as a "cure" for migraines. Its a money grab.

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