IHC Miami Team Rides for Alzheimer’s


Escorted by Doral City Police, the IHC Miami team biked through the streets of Doral on June 21st –the longest day of the year because of the summer solstice – to show their support in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.  Designated by The Alzheimer’s Association as a day to honor and remember those afflicted with the disease, the bike ride was co-hosted by NaturXHeal Organic Restaurant of Doral who provided refreshments to the IHC Miami team prior to the ride and provided a gathering place for the subsequent talk led by Dr. Ruben Valdes, D.C., Director of Integrated Health Center of Miami.

The goal of the bike ride was to support the Alzheimer’s Association and focus on new treatments of the disease. Until now, Alzheimer’s has been considered untreatable – leading to full-blown dementia – progressive, irreversible and fatal. In his presentation, Dr. Ruben Valdes, D.C., , told the participants how it IS possible to reverse* cognitive decline in patients with early Alzheimer’s by utilizing a unique method based on the Functional Medicine model and developed by neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD and the Buck Institute for Alzheimer’s research.  Dr. Valdes will present the groundbreaking findings, offering hope and a fresh clinical approach for those whose loved ones are suffering from the disease, at upcoming talks in July and August.

Dr. Valdes, D.C. is a seasoned healthcare provider with extensive Post Doctorate training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.  Dr. Valdes, D.C. has received the Five Star Award for patient care from Integrity Management and the 2016 “10 Best” Award for Patient Satisfaction.

He is an active member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.  IHCMiami, led by Dr. Ruben Valdes, was founded to help patients reverse chronic conditions instead of just managing them. The center focuses on working with individuals who suffer from cognitive decline with early Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes, as well as Hypothyroidism (low thyroid). Their mission is to uncover and correct the underlying mechanisms of their condition through an integrative and very comprehensive testing approach. Detailed findings are then used to customize a plan for patients based on underlying root causes.


For more information and to register for an upcoming seminar please visit https://ihcmiami.com/ad or call 786.801.3977. Facebook, YouTube

Integrated Health Center of Miami is located at Doral Corporate Plaza, 7769 NW 48th Street, Suite 180, Doral, Florida, 33166.

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