Ortho Now – One doctor’s vision for quality care

By Ann Lino….
When new cutting edge medical equipment such as RELEF Technology  was introduced, only a handful of doctors nationwide were  given an opportunity  to offer patients this non invasive permanent pain relief option for tennis and golf elbow and assorted work related injuries.  World renowned orthopedic surgeon,  Dr. Alejandro Badia,  was the only one in the southeast US to be  so honored and that technology is available only at Ortho Now  located at 3650 NW 82 Avenue, in Doral.

At Ortho Now, Dr. Badia has state of the art operating rooms providing better options than any hospital for those needing any kind of orthopedic care from broken bones, sprains to joint injuries .  Because those type of injuries are not priorities in emergency rooms, waits can take hours.  The is not the case at Ortho Now.

“99% of our patients come to Ortho Now after having first visited an urgent care center or emergency room and incurring unnecessary expense,” shares Dr. Badia.   “We want people in the greater Doral area and beyond to know that we are here to provide the highest quality care that is both cost effective and time saving.”

Patients at Ortho Now can count on hassle free prompt treatment  with specialists, on site digital x-ray. MRI, acute care operating rooms and post –injury rehabilitation all in one convenient location.

For Dr. Alejandro Badia, opening Ortho Now was a dream come true.  Badia was first introduced to the Doral area as one of the owners of MARC (Miami Anatomical Research Center).   He saw Doral with its strategic location and found a building minutes from the Palmetto and the Turnpike.  “ At  that time, the site held just a shell of a building,” recalls Badia, “so we were able to build it out to suit our specific needs. As a surgeon I feel more comfortable knowing what types of  surgeries are being performed  in my operating room to insure against transmitted infections. ”

As for credentials, the doctors at Ortho Now are unmatched.

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