Polytecnic University of Puerto Rico Miami Campus welcomes incoming students

torreSince Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR) Miami Campus was founded in 2001, nine graduate commencement ceremonies have taken place at the campus, located in the Doral area. Presently the university, whose target audience is the working professional, is gearing up for the fall trimester when over 200 students will be enrolled in online classes towards bachelors and masters degree programs in business administration and computer science.

“We offer an extraordinary opportunity for working professionals who began their degree outside of the United States and were unable to finish it, or for those who want to return to school and further their education,” said Campus Director and professor, Martin Arroyo Feliciano. “We accept credits obtained at other accredited higher education institutions, and students can work online at their own pace while managing work and home.”

The internationally recognized and accredited university’s original campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico opened more than 45 years ago in 1966 and today, boasts over 5,000 students. The success spilled stateside and led to the Miami campus opening over a decade ago, as well as an Orlando location that opened in 2003.

Campus Director Arroyo Feliciano attributes the success of PUPR to the institution’s accreditation, the convenience of course work scheduling options for busy professionals, and the qualifications of the faculty.

“Classes are divided into six week trimester sessions,” explains Campus Director Arroyo Feliciano. “That means a student can complete between three and six credits per trimester working at their own individual pace. There are three maximum trimesters during the academic calendar year, as well as a summer school session.”

“Our faculty is composed of highly experienced and respected executives and practitioners of the various fields taught in the university. Many have been so successful in their professional practices they now have consultant businesses which help keep them up-to-date in their respective fields. This experience extends into the digital classrooms and serves to benefit the students.”

Campus Director Arroyo Feliciano’s passion for education has kept him teaching and guiding students for over 21 years. “I teach two entry level courses in Accounting,” said Professor Arroyo Feliciano. “I love to teach the basic courses because in order for students to be successful they must master these fundamental principles and skills. I enjoy helping students learn how to be successful from the very beginning.”

The Middle States Council on Higher Education accredits the university, which is the same accreditation awarded to FIU, Nova, and Keiser, and the university is also licensed and accredited by the Commission for Independent Education of the State of Florida.

“We are what students are looking for,” said Campus Director Arroyo Feliciano. “We are a caring institution motivated by the love of education and the sharing of knowledge in order to make our students successful. We are here to collaborate with them to make their dreams a reality.”

For more information, call 305-418- 8000 or visit www.pupr.edu/miami

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