Secure Your Home while Away on Summer Vacation!

KATHERINE FERNANDEZ RUNDLE State Attorney, Miami-Dade County

As we begin the summer season, many South Florida families start planning their highly anticipated summer vacation. For those whose plans involve leaving town, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your home. Here are some tips that will help secure your home while you and your loved ones enjoy a fun and safe vacation.

• Be sure to notify your local police agency about your departure and return dates, and give a name and telephone number of a neighbor, friend, or relative to notify in case of a burglary, fire or other emergency. Officers who routinely patrol in your area will periodically check your home.

• Contact the post office and request your mail not be delivered during the days you will be away. Your carrier will deliver your “held” mail upon your return or you may choose to pick it up at your designated post office branch.

• Newspaper deliveries should also be placed on hold while you are away so that they do not pile up and alert any passersby that your house is unoccupied.

• Make arrangements to have your grass cut and watered while you are gone. Have someone check daily to remove outdated papers and circulars from your doorway and yard.

• If you have valuables in the house, take them to the bank for storage in your safety deposit box. Deposit extra cash that you are not taking with you in your bank account.

• Move valuables so they can’t be seen from the windows. Be sure you have a list of all your appliances, furniture, and valuables.

• Make sure to repair any broken windows, door locks or window locks before your trip.

• Put any lawn furniture, bicycles, and other moveable objects away before leaving. Items left out while you are gone can easily be stolen.

• Arrange with a neighbor, friend, or relative to watch over your house. Give them a key and let them know where or how you can be reached in case of an emergency.

• Make sure you take their telephone number with you so you can check with them during your trip.

• Give them your car description and license number. It is important that they know how to reach you at all times while you are away.

Stay safe and have a very fun-filled vacation!

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