Thinking and acting big in Doral

Thinking and acting big in Doral

Pete de la Torre.

The Big “MO” is upon us in Doral. Everyone that attended “The Changing of The Guard” on May 16 is going to remember that event as the game changer in Doral. Over 200 guests including Miami-Dade County Commissioner Pepe Diaz and Doral Mayor JC Bermudez.

Doral Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca, local executives, and business leaders experienced energy and goodwill that hasn’t been seen in the city in many years. A new unity movement in the business community has officially launched with a keen spirit of collaboration.

We leave behind an era of mediocrity and move forward boldly striving for excellence both in our business growth and relationship building. The course we take in the coming days and weeks will determine how far we can and will go in converting that evening into a long, sustainable prosperous reality for all.

So, how do we do this? Our challenge is simple yet not easy. Great conversations and promises at networking events can quickly evaporate once the “buzz” has waned. A vision to work together in unison will never happen if we go back to the “same old same old.”

Our mission must be to roll up our sleeves and get to work, now, not later. And the now is, the summer of 2018

Most businesses experience a slower season this time of year, as things are not as hectic as hey are the rest of the year. People have more time to sit with you and discuss new business opportunities. The summer is your time to plant new seeds, and establish new relationships that will allow you and your “new buddy” to “strike gold” in the very near future.

Here are five proven action steps that will take you a long way towards the success you aspire to achieve:
1. Make up your mind to be successful. Your attitude and determination to succeed – no matter what happens – is your choice!
2. Think “Win-Win” all the time both for you and the people with whom you engage in your business activities.
3. Establish stretch goals and create the plan to make it happen.
4. Implement your plan. Avoid waiting for the “perfect” moment to take action. Just do it!
5. Assess your results each day. Celebrate your victories, yet be ready to make adjustments as needed to assure you hit the mark most of the time

The Business Forum Group’s success formula is crystal clear: “Think and Act Big.” This means, think and act as a winner. Always do the right things for yourself and others. Work hard and smart.

May 16 was the start of something special. It is our mutual responsibility to carry out our promises to ourselves and each other. This will only happen if we “Think and Act Big.” Let’s do this together!!

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Pete de la Torre
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