Two Mayors Honor Juan José Rendón

“Juan José Rendón Day” was proclaimed by the City of Doral on Dec. 10, honoring an individual who was bestowed with keys to both the City of Doral and the City of Miami by its two mayors.

Presentations were made at the Aloft Hotel in Doral at an evening ceremony by Doral Mayor Luigi Boria and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado.

The Acts of Grievance paid tribute to Rendón for his untiring fight, courage, and commitment to excellence for the causes in favor of democracy and freedom of Latin- American countries.

Rendón is held in esteem as a political warrior, confronting neo-totalitarian regimes, promoting civil activism, and creating public awareness about violations of democracy and civil rights.

Considered one of the world’s best political consultants, Rendon has led thousands of campaigns in 27 years, winning over 25 political campaigns throughout his career. Among them were five consecutive years of presidential campaigns in Colombia with Alvaro Uribe, Honduras with Porfirio Lobo, Colombia with Juan Manuel Santos, and Mexico with Enrique Peña Nieto. His latest achievement was winning the elections of the new Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández.

He is recipient of four Honorary Doctorate Degrees awarded by Latin- American and European universities. The U. S. flag was recently raised at the Capitol by Congress for his constant defense of democratic freedom and citizens’ rights.

Rendón’s life philosophy in strong opposition to the Latin-American revolutions has caused him to be declared an enemy of state in Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.

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