What is a ‘Black Belt’?

I believe a ‘Black Belt’ is an extraordinary person.

A ‘Black Belt’ should be a great teacher, motivator, super-fit at any age with the know how to defend himself or herself, successful in life and business, respectful, disciplined, athletic, a role model and a high achiever—just to name a few principles.

When I think of the ultimate image of a Black Belt, I think of Bruce Lee, the creator of mixed martial arts with his awesome body, super-fit, a philosopher and innovator who impacted the world.

I once read that for every10, 000 students who join a martial arts class, onehalf will drop out during the first month.

Of the 5,000 persisting through the second month, 1,000 will complete the sixmonth training and then quit. Of 500 who continue on for a year, only 100 will celebrate a second anniversary of martial arts study, and just three will receive a First Degree Black Belt, of which only one will go on to teach and help change the lives of others.

Think about it: one Black Belt instructor equals one of 10,000 who begin its study.

Ours is a Black Belt school with the goal and dream of making each student who walks into our school a Black Belt without selling out or giving way. It might be an impossible dream since in America we are so used to getting everything fast: fast foods, microwaved suppers and drive-through window hamburgers.

But there are no shortcuts to earn a Black Belt. At Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense we try to help students defy the odds. We believe that a Black Belt is a White Belt who never gave up.

We believe in positive reinforcement. The only way that you can fail is by giving up and quitting. (Statistics show the above-average Black Belt will have wanted to quit at least three times before achieving a Black Belt).

All of our students who earn the Black Belt or Jr. Black Belt excel in school and sports, and all invariably place on the principal’s honor roll. (We even had a once-shy girl become her elementary school’s primary public speaker).

In athletics, our Jr. Black Belts have excelled in all sports, winning Athlete of the Year, Most Valuable Basketball Player and Most Improved Wrestler in middle schools. We have also developed star high school athletes in wrestling, football, soccer and tennis.

We take pride in changing our students’ lives by helping them develop self confidence, self-esteem and guiding them to become successful and productive individuals. We make Black Belts for life.

Julio Anta is the head instructor of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense, changing lives in Doral since 1998. You can reach him at 305 599-3649 or via the internet at www.AntaMartialArts.com

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  1. Very nice an article with 100 percent positive information. It is proven that people who are involved in sports of any kind have a solid inner discipline. This will transfer on to when they become adults as well. I will hire anyone who has been in sports for a long period for one simple reason. They all have inner Discipline.

    Thank you Sensei keep up the great work.

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